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  • Model 5340

Reliance 5340 Exam Stool

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Product Description

The Reliance 5340 Exam Stool offers comfort and versatility for users in various professional settings. With its adjustable features and stable design, this stool provides a secure and balanced seating experience, allowing users to maintain comfort and proper posture during extended periods of use. The Reliance 5340 Exam Stool combines comfort, versatility, and stability to meet the needs of users in various professional settings. With its adjustable height, tilting backrest, and stable base, this stool provides ergonomic support and a secure seating experience. The 15" round seat allows for freedom of movement, while the control ring enables easy height adjustment. Designed with stability in mind, the stool ensures even weight distribution for user comfort.

Product Features:

1. Pneumatic Raising and Lowering:
- Easy height adjustment using the continuous ring under the seat.
- Effortlessly raise or lower the stool to the desired position.

2. Five-Legged Base:
- Sturdy base with five legs for stability and even weight distribution.
- Promotes a secure and balanced seating experience.

3. Tilting Adjustable Back:
- Backrest can be adjusted horizontally and vertically for ergonomic support.
- Allows users to tailor the backrest to achieve a comfortable fit and maintain proper posture.

4. 15" Round Seat:
- Round seat design without a backrest.
- Provides freedom of movement and flexibility in different work environments.

5. Height Adjustment Control Ring:
- Control ring under the seat enables easy height adjustment.
- Pneumatic assist system raises or lowers the seat smoothly.

6. Stability:
- Five-legged base ensures excellent stability and weight distribution.
- Base circumference exceeds seat size for added stability in the sit-stand position.

Technical Details:

- Pneumatic mechanism for height adjustment.
- Five-legged base for stability and weight distribution.
- Tilting adjustable backrest for ergonomic support.
- 15" round seat design for freedom of movement.
- Control ring for easy height adjustment.

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