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  • Model  5356

Reliance 5356 Exam Stool

$145.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

Experience ultimate comfort and support with the Bottom Line Comfort stool. This pneumatic stool features a continuous ring for easy height adjustment, a five-legged base for stability, and a tilting adjustable backrest. With its 15" round seat and 3-way adjustable support arm, this stool provides exceptional comfort and customizable ergonomic support, making it an ideal choice for extended sitting periods.


- Pneumatic Height Adjustment: The Bottom Line Comfort stool utilizes a pneumatic mechanism with a continuous ring located underneath the seat for effortless height adjustment. Simply lift or lower the ring to achieve the desired seating height.
- Tilting Adjustable Backrest: The stool is equipped with a tilting adjustable backrest, allowing you to find the optimal angle for lumbar support and personalized comfort.
- 15" Round Seat: The spacious 15" round seat provides ample room for comfortable seating during extended periods.
- 3-Way Adjustable Support Arm: The stool includes a 3-way adjustable support arm that can be customized to suit individual ergonomic needs, providing additional support and stability.

Technical Details:

- Pneumatic Raising and Lowering: The stool's height adjustment mechanism operates smoothly and efficiently with the assistance of pneumatic technology. The continuous ring under the seat enables seamless height adjustments.
- Control Ring for Height Adjustment: The control ring, conveniently located under the seat, allows for easy and precise height adjustments. Simply lift the ring to raise the seat or gently lower it to the desired height.
- Adjustable Backrest: The 5346 and 5348 models come with an adjustable, tilted, and upholstered backrest. The backrest can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, ensuring an ergonomic fit tailored to individual preferences.
- Five-Legged Base: The stool's five-legged base is designed to distribute weight evenly, promoting stability and preventing wobbling. The base circumference exceeds that of the seat, providing enhanced stability even in the sit-stand position.

Experience unparalleled comfort and customizable support with the Bottom Line Comfort stool. Its pneumatic height adjustment, tilting backrest, and adjustable support arm allow you to create an ergonomic seating experience tailored to your needs. Enjoy long-lasting comfort and stability during extended sitting periods, whether in office environments, healthcare settings, or other professional spaces.

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