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Reliance 556 Exam Stool

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Product Description

The Reliance 556 Exam Stool is a specially designed stool that offers stability and support during delicate surgical procedures. With features such as hydraulic raising and lowering, a five-legged base, seat rotation lock, and optional floor lock, this stool ensures a secure and stable seating solution. The individually adjustable rests, tilting backrest, 15" round seat, and curved 3-way adjustable support arm provide personalized comfort and ergonomic support. The hands-free adjustment capability and lockable swivel seat enhance convenience and stability during procedures.

Product Features:

Stability for Surgery:
- Hydraulic Raising and Lowering controlled by a foot pedal for smooth adjustment.
- Five-Legged Base ensures optimal stability during surgical procedures.
- Seat Rotation Lock locks the seat rotation for stability during the procedure.
- Optional Floor Lock available to prevent chair movement during surgery.


- Individual Adjustable Rests provide personalized comfort and support.
- Tilting Adjustable Backrest offers additional ergonomic support.
- 15" Round Seat provides a comfortable sitting surface.
- Curved 3-Way Adjustable Support Arm enhances stability and support.

Hands-Free Adjustment:
- Foot Lever allows for hands-free adjustment without breaking the sterile field.

Seat Adjustment:
- Lockable Swivel locks the seat swivel for stability during the procedure.
- Adjustable Arms offer flexibility and support during the procedure, with the ability to rotate to the rear upon completion.

The Reliance 556 Exam Stool is specifically designed to provide stability, support, and adjustability during delicate surgical procedures. Its hydraulic raising and lowering mechanism, along with the five-legged base and optional floor lock, ensure stability and security. The stool's adjustable rests, tilting backrest, and curved support arm cater to the comfort and ergonomic needs of the user. With its hands-free adjustment and lockable swivel seat, this stool offers convenience and stability, making it an ideal choice for surgical settings.

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