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  • Model 540

Reliance 540 Exam Stool

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Product Description

Experience optimal stability and comfort during delicate surgical procedures with the Stability for Surgery stool. This hydraulic stool features a five-legged base, a 15" round seat, and adjustable rests with a tilting adjustable back. Designed with precision and functionality in mind, this stool ensures a secure and supportive seating solution for surgical environments.


- Designed for Optimal Stability: The Stability for Surgery stool is specifically designed to provide maximum stability during delicate surgical procedures.
- Floor Lock (optional): An optional specially designed floor lock prevents unwanted chair movement during surgical procedures (except for the 558 model, which includes the floor lock as standard).
- Hands-Free Adjustment: The foot lever allows for easy and convenient height adjustment of the stool without breaking the sterile field, ensuring a hygienic surgical environment.
- Seat Adjustment: The stool seat swivel can be locked by lifting the foot pedal. The angle of the arms can be adjusted along the horizontal axis and rotated to the rear upon completion of the procedure, providing customizable comfort and support.
- Choice of Three Heights: The Stability for Surgery stool offers three height options to accommodate different user preferences and surgical requirements. The standard height ranges from 17" to 25" above the floor, medium seat height is 20 1/2" to 28", and high seat height is 24" to 31 1/2". (Please note that the 558 model has its own specific height ranges.)

Technical Details:

- Hydraulic Raising and Lowering: The stool utilizes a hydraulic mechanism for smooth and precise height adjustment.
- Five-Legged Base: The stool features a sturdy five-legged base, providing enhanced stability during surgical procedures.
- Round Seat: The 15" round seat offers a comfortable and supportive seating surface.
- Adjustable Rests and Tilting Adjustable Back: The stool is equipped with adjustable rests and a tilting adjustable back, allowing users to find the most ergonomic and comfortable position during surgery.

Experience unparalleled stability and ergonomic support with the Stability for Surgery stool. Whether in a standard, medium, or high seat height configuration, this stool ensures a secure and comfortable seating solution for surgeons and medical professionals in the operating room.

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