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  • Model 4240

Reliance 4240 Exam Stool

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Product Description

Experience the convenience and stability of the Call-in Backup stool. This pneumatic stool features a five-legged base, a 15" round seat, and a tilting adjustable back, providing a comfortable and supportive seating solution. With its easy height adjustment and reliable stability, this stool is designed to enhance productivity and comfort in various work environments.


- Pneumatic Height Adjustment: The Call-in Backup stool utilizes a pneumatic mechanism for effortless height adjustment. Simply use the lever located underneath the seat to raise or lower the stool to the desired height.
- Five-Legged Base: The stool is equipped with a five-legged base, ensuring even weight distribution and optimal stability. This design feature allows for a secure and balanced seating experience.
- Round Seat: The 15" round seat offers a spacious and comfortable surface for prolonged sitting.
- Tilting Adjustable Back: The stool's tilting adjustable back provides additional support and flexibility, allowing users to find their preferred sitting position and optimize comfort during extended periods of use.

Technical Details:

- Pneumatic Raising and Lowering: The stool's height adjustment mechanism operates smoothly and efficiently with the assistance of pneumatic technology.
- Lever for Height Adjustment: The lever located underneath the seat provides a convenient and accessible control for adjusting the stool's height.
- Weight-Activated Seat Raise: To raise the stool, simply ease weight off the seat, and the pneumatic assist will automatically raise the seat to the desired height. To lower the stool, lift up the ring, and the stool will gently descend.
- Five-Legged Base: The stool's five-legged base offers exceptional stability and evenly distributes weight, ensuring a secure and balanced seating experience.
- Enhanced Stability: The base circumference exceeds that of the seat, providing enhanced stability, particularly in the sit-stand position.

Experience reliable stability and effortless height adjustment with the Call-in Backup stool. Whether used in office settings, clinics, or other work environments, this stool combines comfort and functionality to support productivity and well-being.

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