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Vision Expo Deals - March 17th through March 19th

Posted by Kevin Flynn on

We've gathered together all the great Vision Expo deals happening THIS WEEKEND ONLY.

Essilor Instruments


Haag Streit Reliance



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Is your phoroptor hiding a dirty secret?

Phoroptors are essential for providing accurate and precise results, which can lead to better patient outcomes. However, over time, lenses may become dirty, the internal components of a phoroptor may drift out of alignment, leading to inaccurate results. Regular maintenance, including an overhaul and cleaning, is essential to ensure that the device is operating at [...]

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Why a growing optometry practice needs the Topcon KR-800 Auto-Refractor

The Topcon KR-800 Auto Kerato-Refractometer is a state-of-the-art diagnostic instrument that provides accurate and reliable measurements of the refractive error of the eye. As an optometrist, having this instrument in your practice can greatly enhance the level of care you are able to provide to your patients. One of the key features of the KR-800 is its ability [...]

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Thinking of investing in an OCT? You need to think about the Topcon Maestro2 OCT

The Topcon Maestro2 is a state-of-the-art OCT that offers high resolution, high-quality images and advanced image analysis capabilities. It's super user-friendly interface makes it easy for doctors to navigate and utilize the device's many features. In fact, you can do a complete test with just the press of a single button!Fast Scanning SpeedA key feature [...]

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Why the Reliance 6200 Exam Chair is an Excellent Choice for Your Optometry Practice

The Reliance 6200 exam chair is the perfect choice for any optometry examination room. This durable and comfortable chair is designed to provide support and comfort to patients during examination and treatment procedures. With its adjustable height, pneumatic seat tilt, and adjustable backrest, this chair is sure to meet the needs of any patient.One of the [...]

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5 Reasons to Buy the Topcon CA-800 Corneal Analyzer

When it comes to diagnosing and monitoring eye conditions, the Topcon CA-800 Corneal Analyzer is a top-of-the-line device that offers a wide range of features to help eye care professionals provide the best care to their patients. Here are five reasons why you should consider purchasing the Topcon CA-800.Advanced Technology: The Topcon CA-800 uses Placido-disc-based technology to [...]

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5 Reasons to Buy the Reichert iPac Pachymeter

When it comes to measuring corneal thickness, the Reichert iPac Pachymeter is one of the most advanced handheld ultrasound pachymeters available in the market. Here are five reasons why you should consider purchasing the Reichert iPac Pachymeter for your eye care practice. Advanced Filtering Algorithm: The device is equipped with an advanced filtering algorithm that ensures accurate central [...]

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Haag-Streit Reliance FX920 Power Recline Ophthalmic Chair

The Haag-Streit Reliance FX920 Power Recline Ophthalmic Chair is a top-of-the-line exam chair that offers a wide range of features for both patients and medical professionals.The chair is designed with convenience and functionality in mind. The Memory Positioning Switch enables medical professionals to pre-select the chair's most used position, making it easy to quickly set [...]

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Reinventing Refraction with the Vision-R 700 Digital Refraction System

The Essilor Vision-R 700 Digital Refraction System is revolutionizing the way eye care professionals perform refractions. Traditional refraction methods can be time-consuming and may compromise accuracy, but the Vision-R 700 utilizes a patented optical module and fast, multiple-increment algorithm to provide an exact refraction in just three minutes with a minimum increment of 0.12D. This [...]

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5 Reasons Every Eye Care Professional Needs a Reichert Avia Tonopen

As an eye care professional, you know the importance of having reliable and accurate diagnostic tools. The Reichert Avia Tonopen is a non-invasive instrument used for measuring intraocular pressure (IOP), a key factor in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma. Here are 5 reasons why every eye care professional needs a Reichert Avia Tonopen:Non-invasive measurement: [...]

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