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Haag Streit Lenstar LS 900 Biometer

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Product Description

The Haag Streit Lenstar LS 900 Biometer is a revolutionary device that brings cutting-edge optical biometry capabilities to cataract surgery. With its precise laser optic measurements spanning from the cornea to the retina, the Lenstar provides highly accurate data for optimal surgical outcomes. Incorporating advanced technologies and seamless integration of IOL prediction methods, this device is designed to empower surgeons and enhance patient care.


- Optical Low Coherence Reflectometry (OLCR): The Lenstar utilizes OLCR technology to obtain precise measurements in a single scan, including axial dimensions of all optical structures, corneal curvature, and white-to-white distance.
- Comprehensive Optical Biometry: From cornea to retina, the Lenstar captures comprehensive measurements, ensuring accuracy in IOL prediction and surgical planning.
- Crystalline Lens Thickness Measurement: The Lenstar is the first optical biometer on the market that can measure the thickness of the crystalline lens, further enhancing its capabilities.
- Quick Access to Full Eye Data: With a single click, practitioners can access complete eye measurements, providing a comprehensive overview of the patient's eye and enabling the utilization of advanced IOL prediction methods seamlessly integrated into the Lenstar.
- Advanced Positioning System (APS): The Lenstar's APS simplifies the process of taking biometry measurements, offering efficient and comfortable operation with a click of the joystick.


- Precise and Accurate Measurements: The Lenstar delivers highly accurate laser optic measurements, ensuring optimal surgical planning and IOL prediction for improved outcomes.
- Enhanced IOL Prediction Methods: By incorporating advanced technologies and the integration of formulas such as the Hill-RBF Method, Barrett formula, and Olsen formula, the Lenstar enables surgeons to utilize the latest IOL prediction methods.
- Comprehensive Overview of Eye Measurements: Quick access to full eye data provides surgeons with a complete understanding of the patient's eye, facilitating precise surgical planning and decision-making.
- Time-Saving and User-Friendly Operation: The Lenstar's APS and intuitive interface streamline the biometry process, saving time and enhancing patient and user comfort during examinations.

Technical Details:

- Optical Biometry Technology: Optical Low Coherence Reflectometry (OLCR)
- Measurements: Axial dimensions of all optical structures, corneal curvature, white-to-white distance, crystalline lens thickness
- Integration of IOL Prediction Methods: Hill-RBF Method, Barrett formula, Olsen formula
- Advanced Positioning System (APS)
- User-friendly interface with quick access to full eye data.

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