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Essilor OCT500

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Product Description

Experience the exceptional user-friendliness and advanced imaging capabilities of the Essilor OCT 500 Optical Coherence Topographer. With its fully-automatic functionality and high-quality OCT technology, this device simplifies the scanning process while delivering precise measurements of ocular structures. Capture detailed images and instantly display comprehensive reports with just a single touch. The Essilor OCT 500 Optical Coherence Topographer combines user-friendly automation with advanced imaging capabilities. Its fully-automatic operation, high-quality OCT technology, true-color fundus photography, extended analysis functions, and connectivity options make it an exceptional tool for eye examination and diagnosis.

Product Features:

Superb OCT Technology:
- Advanced OCT technology ensures high-quality imaging and precise measurements of ocular structures.
- Detailed examination and analysis of the eye's layers aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of various eye conditions.

Fully-Automated Operation:
- Single-touch functionality performs eye focus, optimization, and image capture automatically.
- Follow-up scan function tracks and captures sequential scans for easy comparison and monitoring of changes over time.

True-Color Fundus Photography:
- Capture high-resolution images of the retina for comprehensive assessment of eye health.

Extended Analysis Functions:
- Evaluate various parameters including retinal thickness, macular volume, and optic nerve head analysis for thorough examination and diagnosis.

Compact and Space-Saving Design:
- Ergonomic and compact design saves space and ensures ease of use and patient comfort.

Network and DICOM Connectivity:
- Seamlessly integrate the OCT 500 into your practice's digital infrastructure for efficient data management, sharing, and collaboration.

Product Benefits:

- User-Friendly Operation: Fully-automatic functionality simplifies the scanning process, making it easy for eye care professionals to use.

- Precise Measurements: Advanced OCT technology provides high-quality imaging and precise measurements, aiding in accurate diagnosis and monitoring.

- Comprehensive Eye Assessment: True-color fundus photography and extended analysis functions allow for a comprehensive evaluation of ocular parameters.

- Space-Saving and Ergonomic: The compact design saves space in your practice while ensuring ease of use and patient comfort.

- Seamless Integration: Network and DICOM connectivity options enable efficient data management and collaboration with other healthcare professionals.

Technical Details:

- Fully-automatic OCT device
- Advanced OCT technology
- True-color fundus photography
- Extended analysis functions
- Compact and ergonomic design
- Network and DICOM connectivity options

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