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  • CSPOLA600 Chart System

Essilor CSPOLA600 Chart System


Product Description

Immerse yourself in the world of precise vision assessments with the Essilor CSPOLA600 Chart System. This versatile solution, featuring a 24" Polarized LCD screen, offers exceptional visibility and clarity, ensuring accurate and comprehensive evaluations. Upgrade your refraction room with the Essilor CSPOLA600 Chart System and enjoy the benefits of its universal screen, extensive testing options, wireless connectivity, and user-friendly remote control. Experience precise and efficient vision assessments with this exceptional solution.

Product Features:

- 24" Polarized LCD Screen: The CSPOLA600 boasts a large, high-quality screen that delivers excellent visibility and clarity. The polarized LCD technology enhances the viewing experience, allowing for accurate and detailed vision assessments.

- Comprehensive Testing Options: With a wide range of tests available, the CSPOLA600 enables thorough vision assessments. Customize the slideshow to cater to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring precise evaluations for every patient.

- Wireless Connectivity: Seamlessly integrate the CSPOLA600 with other devices through its wireless connection capabilities. This enables convenient and efficient workflow, especially when connected to the APH 550, streamlining your refraction room operations.

- Remote Control with Integrated Panel: Effortlessly navigate and control the chart system using the included remote control. The integrated panel provides easy access to adjust settings and select tests, enhancing user convenience and efficiency.

- Projection Distance Range: The CSPOLA600 offers a projection distance range of 2 to 8 meters. This flexibility allows for convenient installation and positioning within your refraction room, accommodating different room sizes and configurations.

Product Benefits:

- Accurate Vision Assessments: The high-quality polarized LCD screen ensures clear and precise visibility, contributing to accurate vision assessments and reliable results.

- Customizable Slideshow: Tailor the slideshow to meet your specific needs and preferences, optimizing the testing process and enhancing patient satisfaction.

- Streamlined Workflow: Wireless connectivity facilitates seamless integration with other devices, promoting a smooth and efficient workflow in your refraction room.

- User-Friendly Navigation: The remote control with an integrated panel simplifies navigation and control, making it easy to adjust settings and select tests, saving time and effort.

Technical Details:

- Model: Essilor CSPOLA600 Chart System
- Screen: 24" Polarized LCD screen
- Testing Options: Comprehensive range of tests for thorough vision assessments
- Connectivity: Wireless connection capabilities
- Remote Control: Included remote control with integrated panel for easy navigation and control
- Projection Distance Range: 2 to 8 meters

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