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Essilor WAM 800


Product Description

Immerse yourself in the world of efficient and comprehensive eye screening with the WAM 800 wavefront aberrometer. This fully-automatic device combines advanced technologies to provide eye care professionals with a detailed analysis of eye physiology and visual needs assessment in under two minutes. Experience the benefits of precise glaucoma screening, keratoconus detection, cataract screening, and complete visual performance evaluation, all in one intuitive device. The WAM 800 wavefront aberrometer offers eye care professionals an efficient and accurate screening solution for comprehensive eye wellness and visual performance evaluation. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, it provides valuable insights for personalized recommendations and enhanced patient care.

Product Features:

Optimized Comprehensive Eye Wellness Screening:
- Glaucoma Screening and Monitoring: Automatic correction based on corneal thickness and precise measurement of iridocorneal angles for anterior chamber analysis.
- Keratoconus Detection: Placido rings topography for cornea analysis, Keratoconus probability index, 3D simulation of cornea curvature, and pupillometry for contact lens fittings.
- Cataract Screening: Infrared retro-illumination for detailed view of crystal lens opacity, aiding in cataract identification.

Complete Visual Performance Evaluation:
- Pupillary Behavioral Patterns and Spherical Aberrations Assessment: Wavefront technology for acuity simulation, optimizing vision and promoting specialized lenses for various visual needs.
- Patient Vision Simulation: Autorefractometry and pupillary measurement in different lighting conditions, along with user-friendly day/night simulation using the Point Spread Function.
- Eye Strain and Near-Vision Assessment: Real-time evaluation of eye fatigue when focusing on nearby objects, with automatic display of eye fatigue measurement.

Efficiency in Optical Environments:
- Intuitive User Interface: Quick access to predefined patient protocols, with textual and graphical displays guiding the operator through the screening process.

Product Benefits:

- Comprehensive Eye Wellness Screening: Detect and monitor glaucoma, identify keratoconus, and screen for cataracts, enabling early intervention and targeted treatment.
- Complete Visual Performance Evaluation: Optimize vision by analyzing pupillary behavior and spherical aberrations, providing personalized lens recommendations for enhanced visual experience.
- Efficiency in Optical Environments: User-friendly interface and predefined protocols streamline the screening process, saving time and improving workflow.

Technical Details:

- Wavefront aberrometer for comprehensive eye analysis
- Advanced technologies for glaucoma screening, keratoconus detection, and cataract screening
- Autorefractometry, pupillary measurement, and day/night simulation for complete visual evaluation
- Real-time eye strain and near-vision assessment
- Intuitive user interface with predefined patient protocols

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