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Essilor ALM700 Auto-Lensmeter

$75.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

Immerse yourself in the world of rapid and precise lens measurements with the Essilor ALM700 Auto-Lensmeter. This user-friendly and efficient device utilizes advanced technology to ensure accurate readings, providing eye care professionals with reliable measurements in no time. With its green light beam measurement technology, lens support for all curves, UV transmission measurement, interpupillary distance measurement, ergonomic design, and data transfer capabilities, the ALM700 offers a comprehensive lens measurement experience. The Essilor ALM700 Auto-Lensmeter offers intuitive operation, accurate measurements, and additional features for comprehensive lens assessment. Its ergonomic design, green light beam technology, lens support for all curves, UV transmission measurement, interpupillary distance measurement, and data transfer capabilities contribute to a practical and efficient lens measurement experience for eye care professionals.

Product Features:

- Measurement Technology Using Green Light Beam: Utilizes a green light beam for precise lens measurements, ensuring accurate and reliable results for the most accurate lens power readings.

- Lens Support for All Lens and Frame Curves: Equipped with a lens support mechanism that accommodates a wide range of lens and frame curves, ensuring stable and accurate measurements for various lens types.

- Measurement of UV Transmission: Capable of measuring the transmission of ultraviolet (UV) light through lenses, providing valuable information about the level of UV protection offered by the lenses for optimal eye health and protection.

- Measurement of Interpupillary Distance: Allows for the measurement of interpupillary distance (IPD), both monocular and binocular, essential for proper alignment and centration of lenses for optimal visual performance.

- Ergonomic Design with Tilting Color Screen: Features an ergonomic design with a tilting color screen for user comfort and convenience, enabling easy operation and clear visibility of measurement results.

- Data Transfer to Automatic Phoropter: Equipped with data transfer capabilities, enabling seamless integration with automatic phoropters for efficient communication between devices, streamlining the examination process and enhancing accuracy.

Product Benefits:

- Rapid and Precise Measurements: The ALM700 offers quick and accurate lens measurements, allowing eye care professionals to save time and obtain reliable results for efficient patient care.

- Versatility and Adaptability: With lens support for all curves, the device accommodates a wide range of lens and frame types, ensuring accurate measurements for various prescription eyewear.

- Comprehensive Measurement Features: The ALM700 incorporates additional measurement capabilities such as UV transmission measurement and interpupillary distance measurement, providing comprehensive information for enhanced lens assessment and visual performance.

- User-Friendly Operation: The ergonomic design and tilting color screen of the ALM700 provide user comfort and convenience, making the device easy to use and facilitating clear visibility of measurement results.

- Streamlined Workflow: The data transfer capabilities enable seamless integration with automatic phoropters, allowing for efficient communication between devices and a streamlined examination process.

Technical Details:

- Measurement Technology: Green light beam
- Lens Compatibility: Accommodates all lens and frame curves
- UV Transmission Measurement: Capable of measuring UV light transmission
- Interpupillary Distance Measurement: Measures monocular and binocular interpupillary distance
- Display: Tilting color screen for clear visibility
- Data Transfer: Capabilities for integration with automatic phoropters

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