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  • Haag Streit Octopus 600 Perimeter
  • Haag Streit Octopus 600 Perimeter
  • Perimetry simplified
  • Phase and counter-phase image of the pulsar stimulus
  • Pulsar stimuli with different combinations of spatial resolution and contrast
  • Haag Streit Octopus 600 Perimeter

Haag Streit Octopus 600 Perimeter

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Product Description

Expert in early glaucoma detection and follow-up 

With the Octopus 600, Haag-Streit has introduced a new perimetry technology that makes use of a TFT-based monitor to produce stimuli and background. This allows the instrument to display complex stimuli such as Pulsar, which would otherwise not be possible with cupola-based or projection type perimeters. Combining both Pulsar early glaucoma detection and standard white-on-white perimetry, the instrument is capable of covering the most important stages of disease progression, allowing for early diagnosis and follow-up. 

Early diagnosis and standard white-on-white perimetry in one device.

The Octopus 600 extends the successful Haag-Streit product range of visual field analyzers, combining the Pulsar method for early glaucoma detection and stan- dard white-on-white perimetry for long term follow- up in a single compact, standalone device. 

Fast and reliable Pulsar test method for early glaucoma detection 

Various studies over the past decades have shown that contrast sensitivity and flicker sensitivity are af- fected in glaucoma. The Pulsar method combines both by presenting a contrast-modulated ring target that flickers at 10 Hz in counterphase, resulting in the method of choice for early glaucoma detection. 

  • Novel perimeter technology for early diagnosis and standard white-on-white perimetry in one compact sized instrument.

  • Easy, straight forward operation with touch screen optimized and networkable EyeSuite® software that saves you and your patients time.

  • World innovation in perimetry – fast and reliable Pulsar test method for early glaucoma detection.

A perfect team: Early diagnosis and standard white-on-white perimetry in one device
The Octopus® 600 extends the successful HAAGSTREIT product range of visual field analysers combining the Pulsar method for early glaucoma detection and standard white-on-white perimetry for long term follow-up in one compact and standalone device. It is the first visual field analyser that performs standard white-on-white perimetry on an integrated flicker-free screen, using TFT and LED technology.

  • Standalone or network integration

  • Small footprint

  • Maintenance-free LED background illumination

  • No darkroom required

Perimetry simplified

The same, easy to use EyeSuite® software already known from the Octopus® 900 has been further streamlined to operate the Octopus® 600. The intuitive concept of both the examination and viewing screens are the key components of the new touch screen optimized user interface.

Results can be analyzed on the device immediately after the examination is finished or sent to a printer, EMR system or DICOM server. The Octopus® 600 can produce reliable visual field results with minimal user training and it doesn’t take an expert to run a reliable field.     

It just takes 3 simple steps:
1. Select patient
2. Choose Pulsar or standard white-on-white
3. Hit the start button

The streamlined workflow increases patient throughput while still making use of proven Octopus® concepts such as fixation control to obtain reliable results.

World innovation in perimetry – fast and reliable Pulsar test method for early glaucoma detection

Pulsar is a patented flicker stimulus, displaying a ring pattern with different contrast levels in counter-phase. Independent studies confirm, the test is easy – even pleasant – to take, while being both sensitive and specific in the early detection of Glaucoma.

  • Alternating of image and counter-image at 10 Hz

  • Stimulus duration 500 ms

  • Modulated in contrast and spatial resolution

  • No sharp edges or dominant directions

Unlike other early diagnostic methods that challenge the patient with hard to distinguish answering criteria, Pulsar requires no more than a simple click for every target that appears. Invented in 1998 by Prof. González de la Rosa, the method has been extensively validated and refined to result in today’s „Pulsar T30W“ test. Haag-Streit provided this new method to independent research groups. The results were very convincing. Consequently, Haag-Streit has created a new perimeter based on this exciting method for early glaucoma detection: The Octopus® 600.

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  • Product Videos

    Goldmann Kinetic Perimetry with 100% Fixation for Reliability 02:07

    Quickly learn the top benefits of using the Haag Streit Octopus visual field tester for both kinetic and static perimetry. See how 100% eye fixation results in significantly improved visual field data reliability. Video Transcription: I looked at that question and said, "How am I going to choose the top two?" One great benefit is that through one workstation, one visual field device, we immediately can turn an office of 5, 10, 15 examination rooms into 15 viewing stations. All doctors can view data simultaneously without having to create a bottleneck at the visual field device. The top two benefits of the system for me I think are number one, the ability of the automatic eye tracking that is incomparable to what other instruments have. What I like is the fact that you could take Humphrey fields, transpose them to Octopus, you can merge all of them. That's a very, very nice feature. Another clear benefit to Octopus that I touched on earlier was its fixation device qualities. With other visual field devices, the result is dependent on a 5% testing system. That means that a patient could virtually be looking anywhere and the test goes on. With Octopus there's a video camera that watches the eye so we basically always have fixation that makes a tremendous difference in terms of reliability and repeatability and specificity of the test. Octopus is constantly monitoring fixation and I think in order to get a reliable field you have to constantly monitor fixation. So this way, if a patient fluctuates or moves a little bit off-center, the perimeter finds the patient. If the patient closes their eyes, falls asleep, the test stops. The second key thing I think in this day and age for me in my practice is the networking and the EyeSuite software. The other main benefit for me I would say is your TOP Program. You have a lot of unreliable field takers. TOP is about two and a half minutes per eye, there is excellent correlation.

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