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  • Reichert 4X Acuity System

Reichert ClearChart 4X Acuity System

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Product Description

Immerse yourself in the world of cutting-edge technology and superior performance with the Reichert ClearChart 4X, the latest addition to the ClearChart 4 family of Digital Acuity Systems. This sleek and modern all-in-one system replaces the Reichert ClearChart 2, offering the same features while delivering an upgraded user experience. Upgrade your practice and elevate your acuity testing capabilities with the Reichert ClearChart 4X. With its advanced features, sleek design, and ability to perform standardized testing, it ensures accurate assessments and enhances patient care. Experience the future of digital acuity systems and provide your patients with the best possible visual health evaluation.

Product Features:

- ETDRS Testing: The ClearChart 4X includes ETDRS testing, a standardized method for assessing visual acuity, ensuring accurate and consistent results.
- Personalized Testing Experience: Customize your testing process by adding your own videos and patient education slides, creating a personalized and engaging experience.
- Redesigned All-in-One Design: The ClearChart 4X features a complete redesign, boasting a sleeker and more modern all-in-one design for seamless integration into any environment.

Product Benefits:

- Enhanced Digital Acuity System: The ClearChart 4 family represents an upgrade from the previous ClearChart 2 models, offering a cleaner design, larger screen, and Bluetooth USB connectivity for improved functionality.
- Wide Range of Optotypes and Tests: These purpose-built digital acuity systems accommodate various examination requirements with their extensive selection of optotypes and tests.
- Clear and Detailed Visual Presentations: The ClearChart 4X features a larger screen size, ensuring clear and detailed visual presentations for accurate acuity testing.
- Quiet and Efficient Operation: Enjoy a quiet and efficient testing environment with the ClearChart 4X, which operates without moving fans or hard drives, enhancing user comfort.

Technical Details:

- Seamless Integration: The ClearChart 4X seamlessly integrates with Reichert Digital Phoroptors, streamlining the testing process and enhancing workflow efficiency.
- Standardized Testing Capabilities: Alongside standard testing capabilities, the system offers ETDRS charts, enabling standardized and reliable assessments.
- Customizable Video Content: Import your own videos for further customization and engagement during testing, ensuring a personalized experience.
- Patient Education Slides: Incorporate patient education slides to enhance communication and educate patients about their visual health.
- Reliable and Accurate Results: The ClearChart 4X is purpose-built for acuity testing, delivering reliable and accurate results for confident diagnoses.

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ClearChart Acuity System Features

ClearChart 4

ClearChart 4X

ClearChart 4P

Purpose Built for Acuity Testing Yes Yes Yes
Wide Range of Optotypes and Tests Yes Yes Yes
24” backlit high resolution LED Yes Yes Yes
Cool running, free of moving fans or hard drives Yes Yes Yes
Connects to Reichert Digital Phoroptors Yes Yes Yes
Astigmatic Testing Yes Yes Yes
ETDRS - Yes Yes
Patient Education Slides - Yes Yes
Import Your Own Videos and Images - Yes Yes
Stereo Testing - - Yes
Color Vision Testing - - Yes

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