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  • Reichert 4X Acuity System

Reichert ClearChart 4X Acuity System

$3,500.00 $2,800.00
(You save $700.00)
RE-N-ClearChart 4X
$45.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

Year End Showroom Clearance

The Reichert ClearChart 4 family of Digital Acuity Systems are the latest to the market. The ClearChart 4X is a direct replacement for the Reichert ClearChart 2 and includes the same features. It has been completely redesigned into a sleeker more modern looking all-in-one design. Along with being simple to use and purposely built for Acuity Testing, the Reichert ClearChart 4X includes ETDRS testing and the ability to add your own video's and patient education slides.

The ClearChart 4 family of digital acuity systems are an upgrade of the hugely ClearChart 2 acuity systems and include a new cleaner design, larger screen and bluetooth USB. See below for the differences between each of the Reichert ClearChart 4 acuity system models.

ClearChart Acuity System Features

ClearChart 4

ClearChart 4X

ClearChart 4P

Purpose Built for Acuity Testing Yes Yes Yes
Wide Range of Optotypes and Tests Yes Yes Yes
24” backlit high resolution LED Yes Yes Yes
Cool running, free of moving fans or hard drives Yes Yes Yes
Connects to Reichert Digital Phoroptors Yes Yes Yes
Astigmatic Testing Yes Yes Yes
ETDRS - Yes Yes
Patient Education Slides - Yes Yes
Import Your Own Videos and Images - Yes Yes
Stereo Testing - - Yes
Color Vision Testing - - Yes

Showroom unit in brand new condition

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