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Reichert ClearChart 4P Acuity System

RE-N-ClearChart 4P
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Product Description

Immerse yourself in the advanced technology and versatility of the Reichert ClearChart 4P, a revolutionary addition to the ClearChart 4 family of Digital Acuity Systems by Reichert. This all-in-one system replaces the ClearChart 3P and brings a host of unique features in a sleek and modern design. Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of the Reichert ClearChart 4P, a digital acuity system that elevates your acuity testing with advanced features, accurate results, and user-friendly operation. Upgrade your practice with this reliable and feature-rich solution for enhanced visual assessments.

Product Features:

- Stereo Testing and Color Vision Testing: The ClearChart 4P goes beyond standard acuity testing with the inclusion of stereo testing and color vision testing, providing a comprehensive solution for assessing visual acuity.
- ETDRS Charts and Patient Education Slides: Enhance your examination process with the availability of ETDRS charts and patient education slides, allowing for accurate diagnosis and patient education.
- Redesigned All-in-One Design: The ClearChart 4P features a complete redesign, presenting a sleek and modern all-in-one design for seamless integration into any environment.

Product Benefits:

- Upgraded Digital Acuity System: The ClearChart 4 series represents an upgrade from the previous ClearChart 2 models, offering a cleaner design, larger screen, and Bluetooth USB connectivity option.
- High-Resolution LED Screen: The system incorporates a 24" backlit high-resolution LED screen, ensuring clear and detailed visuals for accurate acuity testing.
- Quiet and Cool Operation: Enjoy a quiet testing environment with the ClearChart 4P's cool running operation, which eliminates the need for moving fans or hard drives, enhancing user comfort.
- Seamless Integration: The ClearChart 4P effortlessly connects with Reichert Digital Phoroptors, facilitating efficient integration and streamlined workflow.
- Astigmatic Testing: Enable precise evaluation of astigmatism with the ClearChart 4P, allowing for comprehensive visual assessments.

Technical Details:

- Clear and Personalized Testing: Import your own videos and images for customized and personalized testing, tailoring the experience to your specific needs.
- Stereo Testing: Assess depth perception with the stereo testing feature, providing a comprehensive evaluation of visual acuity.
- Color Vision Testing: Evaluate color discrimination abilities with the color vision testing feature, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of visual acuity.
- Accurate and Reliable Results: The ClearChart 4P is purpose-built for acuity testing, delivering accurate and reliable results to aid in diagnoses.
- User-Friendly Experience: The system's intuitive interface and advanced features ensure a user-friendly experience for both clinicians and patients.

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