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Smart System 2020 Premier All-In-One Visual Acuity

MS-N-2020 USA
$65.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

Made in the USA

Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge technology of the Smart System 2020 Premier All-In-One Visual Acuity. This state-of-the-art solution combines powerful software, an integrated 22" LCD monitor, and a computer system into one seamless package. Experience precise and accurate vision assessment with eETDRS and Contrast Sensitivity Testing protocols, while catering to low vision needs with electronic Low Vision Testing capabilities. With its user-friendly design and integration with leading auto-phoroptors, this system offers comprehensive testing solutions for modern offices.

Product Features:

- Custom Software: Specifically developed software optimized for visual acuity testing, ensuring exceptional performance and functionality.
- Auto-phoroptor Integration: Seamless integration with leading auto-phoroptors streamlines vision testing processes, enhancing efficiency.
- Glare Testing: Measure visual acuity in the presence of glare, simulating real-life scenarios to assess vision under challenging conditions.
- Integration with Eyemaginations & EyeMotion, Patient Education Videos: Incorporate patient education videos from Eyemaginations and EyeMotion, enriching the testing experience and improving patient understanding.
- User-Defined Protocols: Create customized protocols to adapt the system to individual preferences and specific testing requirements.
- Fully Programmable Wireless Hand Controller: Convenient and easy-to-use wireless hand controller with full programmability for enhanced testing procedures.
- ATS & eETDRS: Support for ATS and eETDRS testing standards, ensuring compliance with established protocols and guidelines.
- Leading Edge Technology Integration: Incorporation of cutting-edge technology for accurate and reliable visual acuity testing results.
- Contrast Sensitivity Testing: Assess the patient's ability to distinguish subtle differences in contrast with the system's contrast sensitivity testing capabilities.
- Hardware Configurations: Various hardware configurations available to suit individual needs and preferences.

Product Benefits:

- Precise and Accurate Vision Assessment: eETDRS and Contrast Sensitivity Testing protocols with normative data enable precise and accurate vision assessment.
- Low Vision Capabilities: Electronic Low Vision Testing (eLVT) caters to patients with low vision needs, offering comprehensive care.
- Seamless Integration: Integration with leading auto-phoroptors and patient education videos enhances efficiency and patient experience.
- User-Friendly Design: The system is designed for ease of installation and use, with a focus on user convenience and simplicity.
- Customizable and Flexible: User-defined protocols and hardware configurations provide customization options to adapt to individual requirements.
- Compliance with Standards: Support for established testing standards ensures adherence to protocols and guidelines.

Technical Details:

- Integrated 22" LCD Monitor and Computer System
- Custom Software for Visual Acuity Testing
- Glare Testing Capabilities
- Integration with Eyemaginations & EyeMotion for Patient Education Videos
- User-Defined Protocols
- Fully Programmable Wireless Hand Controller
- Support for ATS & eETDRS Testing Standards
- Contrast Sensitivity Testing
- Various Hardware Configurations Available

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