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Canela Acuity System (PC)

CN-N-Canela Acuity (PC)
$50.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

Experience the world of comprehensive acuity testing with the Canela Acuity System (PC). This all-in-one solution features a 23-inch Dell all-in-one PC preloaded with Canela acuity software, providing a seamless and efficient testing experience. With the included 56-button remote control, you have unparalleled access to charts and the ability to navigate through countless chart combinations. Enjoy unmatched selection, efficiency, and control at your fingertips, while achieving accurate and efficient acuity testing results. Upgrade to the Canela Acuity System (PC) and revolutionize your acuity testing capabilities. With its comprehensive chart options, streamlined workflow, and precise testing features, this system empowers you to deliver accurate and efficient visual acuity assessments to your patients.


- Wide Range of Popular Opotypes: The system offers a diverse selection of popular opotypes, allowing you to customize the charts to suit the specific needs of your patients.
- Random Character Generation: Random character generation ensures unbiased testing, preventing patients from memorizing or anticipating the chart sequence.
- Single Letter Isolation: Isolate single letters for targeted testing and precise evaluation of visual acuity.
- Vertical and Horizontal Line Isolation: Isolate vertical and horizontal lines to assess astigmatism and directional visual impairments.
- 4-Dot and Fixation Tests: Conduct 4-dot and fixation tests to comprehensively evaluate ocular alignment and fixation abilities.
- Built-in Video Clips for Child Fixation: Engage pediatric patients with built-in video clips that help maintain proper fixation during testing.


- Comprehensive Acuity Testing: The Canela Acuity System provides a wide range of chart options and features to meet your specific acuity testing requirements.
- Streamlined Workflow: The user-friendly interface and 56-button remote control enable efficient navigation and quick chart changes, optimizing your workflow.
- Accurate and Efficient Results: With random character generation and isolation features, you can achieve precise and unbiased acuity testing results efficiently.
- Engaging Pediatric Testing: Built-in video clips capture the attention of young patients, ensuring proper fixation during testing.

Technical Details:

- System Type: Canela Acuity System (PC)
- Included Components: 23-inch Dell all-in-one PC with preloaded Canela acuity software, 56-button remote control

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