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Premier Acuity System 1000

$1,695.00 $1,295.00
(You save $400.00)
$50.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

Experience the precision and affordability of the Premier Acuity 1000 Digital Acuity System, a revolutionary tool for optometry and ophthalmology practices. This system combines exceptional performance with a large 24" LED backlit screen and a robust mini-PC plugin, providing the best of both worlds. With its comprehensive features and standard optotypes, the Premier Acuity 1000 ensures accurate refractions and thorough examinations, making it a game-changer in the industry. Invest in the Premier Acuity 1000 Digital Acuity System today and elevate your practice with unmatched precision and accuracy in refraction.


Product Features:

Standard Optotypes:

- Standard Letters, Number Charts, Still & Children’s Images, Tumbling E, Landolt C, ETDRS, Fixation & Children Videos, Multi 20/20 Lines: Conduct comprehensive eye exams with ease using a range of standard optotypes.
- Snellen Ratios: 20/15 to 20/400: Measure visual acuity with precise Snellen ratios for accurate diagnoses.
- Calibration Distance: 6ft to 26ft: Adjust the system's calibration distance to accommodate various testing environments.

Variable Display Options:

- Incremental Size: Display optotypes with incremental size adjustments for detailed visual evaluations.
- Character Randomization: Randomize optotypes to prevent memorization or anticipation.
- Horizontal / Vertical Single Line: Isolate single lines horizontally or vertically for targeted visual assessments.
- Single Character Isolation: Isolate individual characters for precise visual acuity testing.
- Red / Green for All Optotypes: Customize optotype colors to accommodate color vision deficiencies.
- Mirrored Room Configuration: Configure the system for mirrored room setups to adapt to specific clinic requirements.
- Color Test Charts: Utilize color test charts for comprehensive color vision evaluations.
- Worth 4-dot Test: Perform the Worth 4-dot test for binocular vision assessments.
- Fixation Dot: Incorporate a fixation dot to aid in maintaining patient focus during exams.
- Astigmatic Dial: Utilize an astigmatic dial to assess astigmatism accurately.

Product Benefits:

- Enhanced Performance: The Premier Acuity 1000 combines exceptional performance with a large, high-quality screen, providing precise and clear visuals for accurate refractions.
- Comprehensive Optotypes: With a wide range of optotypes, including special charts and videos, you can conduct thorough examinations and make accurate diagnoses.
- Customizable Exam: The system offers various mask types and display options, allowing you to tailor the exam to meet your patients' specific needs.
- Precise Results: The calibration distance of 6ft to 26ft ensures the most precise and reliable results for visual acuity measurements.

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