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Keeler B-Scan Plus

AT-N-BScan Plus 24-6100
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Product Description


Introducing the B-Scan Plus by Accutome, a remarkable portable High Definition B-Scan unit that revolutionizes ocular imaging. With its proprietary software and unique probe electronics, this device offers unrivaled image clarity and efficient data management. Developed in collaboration with top facilities worldwide, the B-Scan Plus is the ultimate solution for scanning patients and seamlessly managing information.

Product Features:

- High Image Clarity: The B-Scan Plus boasts a resolution of 0.015 mm, providing the highest level of image clarity in the medical industry. It allows for detailed visualization of ocular structures, aiding in accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions.
- State-of-the-Art Probe Design: The B-Scan Plus features an advanced probe design that eliminates signal loss, resulting in sharper and more focused images. It ensures optimal image quality and enhances diagnostic capabilities.
- Advanced Data Analysis: With four useful measuring tools and corresponding A-Vectoring capabilities, the B-Scan Plus offers unsurpassed data analysis. It facilitates the diagnosis of ocular pathologies, empowering healthcare professionals to make informed decisions.
- "Smooth Zoom" Technology: Enjoy distortion-free 2x full image zoom in real-time and captured scans with the B-Scan Plus. This feature enhances examination capabilities, allowing for detailed analysis of ocular structures.
- Portability: The B-Scan Plus probe can be conveniently plugged into any laptop or PC, offering easy portability and flexibility in various clinical settings. It enables healthcare professionals to perform scans wherever they go.
- Comprehensive Image Capture: Capture unlimited 34-second film loops with the B-Scan Plus, ensuring that no critical information is missed or lost. It provides a comprehensive view of ocular conditions for accurate assessment.
- Easy Information Sharing: Seamlessly transfer documents via EMR, email, or printer with the B-Scan Plus. It facilitates efficient communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals, enhancing patient care.
- Compact File Storage: The B-Scan Plus offers extensive file storage capabilities, allowing for the management of large amounts of imaging data. It simplifies data organization and retrieval for efficient workflow.
- Upgradeable Software: Benefit from easily upgradeable software with the B-Scan Plus, ensuring that your device remains up to date with the latest advancements. It protects your investment and keeps your device at the forefront of technology.
- User-Friendly Interface: The B-Scan Plus features a user-friendly interface that eliminates the need for extensive user manuals and quick start guides. It enables quick mastery of the device, saving valuable time during operation.
- DICOM Compatibility: The B-Scan Plus software is now DICOM compatible, enabling seamless integration with existing systems. It facilitates efficient data exchange and collaboration within healthcare facilities.

Technical Details:

- Resolution: 0.015 mm
- Image Zoom: 2x full image zoom
- Film Loop Duration: Unlimited 34-second film loops
- File Storage: Extensive storage capabilities
- Software Compatibility: Upgradeable software, DICOM compatible

Experience the power of the B-Scan Plus, a portable High Definition B-Scan unit that delivers exceptional image quality, advanced data analysis, and user-friendly operation. With its cutting-edge features and comprehensive functionality, the Accutome B-Scan Plus enhances your diagnostic capabilities and streamlines your workflow, ensuring optimal patient care.

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