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Reliance 558 Surgical Stool

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Product Description

Stability for Surgery

Foot Activated Hydraulic Foot Pedal
Enables physicians to position themselves without breaking the sterile field. 

Exceptional Stabilty
The Model 558 comes standard with specially designed floor lock to prevent chair movement during surgical procedures. In addition, five legs distribute weight evenly and ensure stability. The circumference of the base also exceeds that of the seat to further maintain stability, even in the elevated sit-stand position. Mobility is provided by rugged 21⁄2” casters molded from hard rubber. 

Ergonomic Design
The Model 558 was designed to provide maximum comfort and support for the practitioner’s back, arms and wrists.The seat on the Model 558 swivels 360 ÌÎÌ___ independent of the base so that height isn’t affected. Swivel of stool seat may be locked by lifting foot pedal. For extra lumbar support, the upholstered backrest adjusts vertically, tilts forward and locks in place.

Upholstered armrests support the practitioner’s forearms. For comfort, they adjust vertically and lock in place. For convenience, the angle of the arms adjusts and locks into place, then rotates to the rear upon completion of the procedure.

Adjust Height Hands Free
A convenient foot pedal easily raises or lowers the stool height without using hands. Total vertical travel is 71⁄2”.

Finished for Durability

All exposed metal, with the exception of the aluminum base casting, is anodized aluminum and stainless steel. Base casting and legs are finished in tough, black epoxy enamel.

Choice of Three Heights
STANDARD seat height spans 21” to 281⁄2” above the floor. MEDIUM seat height, for surgical use, spans 24” to 311⁄2” (add “M” to model number 558 when ordering). HIGH seat height, for surgical use, spans 27” to 341⁄2” (add “H” to model number 558).

The 558 comes standard in black 

Dimensions and Specifications
Base diameter: 193/4”. Footrest: 16” in diameter. 2” spacers are available to elevate the ring 2” to 4”. Shipping weight: 70 lbs. 

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