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  • A-Scan Plus Connect
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  • A-Scan Plus Connect

Accutome A-Scan Plus Connect

AT-N-AScan Plus Connect
$45.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

Introducing the A-Scan Plus Connect®, the state-of-the-art solution designed to revolutionize refractive cataract surgery. This cutting-edge device is the ultimate tool for measuring and calculating patient data, leading to superior surgical outcomes. With its advanced capabilities, including immersion and contact modes, high-resolution imaging, and automatic alignment detection, the A-Scan Plus Connect® ensures accurate measurements for all cases, even with challenging conditions such as dense cataracts or fixation difficulties. Upgrade your practice and deliver exceptional care with this advanced and user-friendly device.

Product Features:

- Immersion and Contact Modes: The A-Scan Plus Connect® offers flexibility by providing both immersion and contact modes for different examination techniques, catering to individual preferences and requirements.
- 100% Measurement Capability: Regardless of lens opacities or fixation difficulties, this device guarantees the ability to accurately measure all patients, ensuring comprehensive and reliable data collection.
- Industry Leading Resolution: Benefit from the highest resolution available in the industry, allowing for precise and detailed measurements, ensuring accuracy in surgical planning.
- User-friendly Interface: The improved user interface simplifies the process of entering patient data, capturing scans, and calculating measurements, enhancing efficiency and streamlining workflow.
- Reduced Patient Chair Time: Capture measurements faster with the A-Scan Plus Connect®, leading to less time spent in the patient chair and ultimately improving the overall patient experience.
- Automatic Alignment Detection and Sclera Recognition: The A-Scan Plus Connect® automatically detects alignment issues and recognizes scleral features, eliminating marginally aligned scans and ensuring accurate measurements.
- Portable, Lightweight Design: Connect the device to any PC, laptop, or tablet, providing a portable solution that can be used in various clinical settings, enhancing flexibility and convenience.
- Easy Information Sharing: Seamlessly transfer documents via EMR, email, or printer, facilitating efficient communication, collaboration, and record-keeping.
- Modern Formula Selection: Access a range of third and fourth-generation formulas, including Hoffer®Q, SRK/T, Holladay, Haigis, and post-refractive formulas, enabling precise calculations for optimal surgical planning.
- Optimized Lens Constants: Benefit from superior surgical outcomes with optimized lens constants, contributing to enhanced accuracy in IOL power calculations.
- Unlimited Software Licenses: Enjoy the flexibility of unlimited software licenses, allowing for seamless integration across multiple devices and enhancing practice scalability.
- Streamlined Patient Data: Easily share information with the B-Scan Plus and UBM Plus devices, streamlining patient data management and improving overall efficiency and coordination.

Technical Details:

- Modes: Immersion mode, contact mode
- Resolution: Industry-leading high resolution
- Compatibility: Connects to PC, laptop, or tablet
- Software: Upgradable software, seamless integration

Upgrade your cataract surgery practice with the A-Scan Plus Connect®, the ultimate solution for precise measurements, refined calculations, and enhanced surgical outcomes. Experience the benefits of advanced technology and a user-friendly interface, empowering you to deliver exceptional care to your patients.

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