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  • AccuPach VI Pachymeter
  • AccuPach VI Pachymeter
  • AccuPach VI Pachymeter
  • AccuPach VI Pachymeter

Accutome AccuPach VI Pachymeter

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Product Description

Experience unparalleled accuracy and convenience with the AccuPach VI. This advanced device features Digital Signal Analysis, providing exceptional precision and repeatability. With built-in IOP conversion and voice output capabilities, the AccuPach VI ensures quick and effortless measurements while allowing the operator to focus completely on the patient. Its user-friendly touch-tone screen and portable design further enhance usability, making it the top choice for corneal measurements.

Product Features:

- Easy-to-use: The user-friendly touch-tone screen enables quick mastery of the AccuPach VI, reducing learning curves and optimizing efficiency.
- Patients are #1: The revolutionary voice output feature audibly announces readings, allowing the user to concentrate more on the cornea and the patient's comfort.
- USB Interface: The AccuPach VI can be linked to a computer or printer via a USB memory stick, facilitating convenient data transfer and documentation.
- Confidence: Digital waveform analysis ensures measurements are properly aligned, providing accurate and reliable results.
- IOP Correction Calculation: The AccuPach VI swiftly converts IOP measurements, saving valuable time and simplifying the calculation process.
- Portable: The AccuPach VI is designed to be easily desktop, slit lamp, or wall-mountable, offering flexibility and adaptability to different clinical settings.
- Flexibility: The adjustable handle/stand allows for viewing the device at various angles, providing optimal viewing conditions for different operators.

Technical Details:

- Digital Signal Analysis: Ensures outstanding accuracy and repeatability
- IOP Conversion: Built-in conversion for quick and easy IOP calculations
- Voice Output: Verifies measurements out loud, allowing the operator to focus on the patient
- USB Interface: Enables connection to a computer or printer via USB memory stick
- Digital Waveform Analysis: Helps ensure properly aligned measurements
- Portable Design: Can be mounted on a desktop, slit lamp, or wall
- Adjustable Handle/Stand: Provides flexibility for different viewing angles

The AccuPach VI is the ultimate solution for precise and user-friendly corneal measurements. With its advanced features, including Digital Signal Analysis, voice output, IOP conversion, and USB interface, it offers exceptional accuracy, convenience, and data management capabilities. Experience the confidence and efficiency of the AccuPach VI, making patient care the top priority in your practice.

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