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  • PachPen Handheld Pachymeter
  • PachPen Handheld Pachymeter
  • PachPen Handheld Pachymeter

Accutome PachPen Handheld Pachymeter

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Product Description

Introducing Accutome's PachPen, the ultimate solution for corneal thickness measurements. This handheld device combines accuracy, portability, and comfort, delivering superior performance compared to other models in the market. With its ergonomic design and advanced technology, the PachPen ensures precise measurements and effortless handling, enhancing the overall examination experience.

Product Features:

- Accurate: The PachPen utilizes a 65 MHz sampling probe, guaranteeing precise measurements of corneal thickness. You can rely on the accuracy of the data provided by this device.
- IOP Correction Calculation: Convert IOP measurements quickly and conveniently with the PachPen, saving valuable time in your practice. It streamlines the process, increasing efficiency and productivity.
- Easy-to-use: The PachPen's superior ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and effortless handling during measurements. It fits perfectly in any hand, providing a seamless user experience.
- Versatile: Designed to meet the demands of your practice, the PachPen offers efficiency and time-saving benefits. It adapts to different examination settings, making it a versatile tool for various scenarios.
- Gentle Touch: Prioritizing patient comfort, the PachPen features a 2.5 mm diameter probe tip. It minimizes discomfort during corneal thickness measurements, improving patient satisfaction.
- No need to recharge: The PachPen's long-lasting lithium battery can perform approximately 15,000 readings before needing replacement. This eliminates the need for frequent recharging, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.
- Lightweight: Weighing only 3.0 ounces (85 g), the PachPen is remarkably lightweight and easy to carry. Its compact size enhances portability, allowing you to take it wherever you go.

Technical Details:

- Device Type: Handheld corneal thickness measurement device
- Sampling Probe: 65 MHz
- Battery Life: Approximately 15,000 readings
- Weight: 3.0 ounces (85 g)

Accutome's PachPen offers exceptional accuracy, user-friendly operation, and enhanced patient comfort. With its precise measurements, ergonomic design, and long-lasting battery life, it is an indispensable tool for corneal thickness measurements. Experience the convenience and reliability of the PachPen in your practice today, and elevate your corneal examinations to new heights.

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