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Pachmate 2 Handheld Pachymeter

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DG-N-Pachmate 2
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Product Description

Experience unparalleled ease of use and accurate measurements with the Pachmate 2. This advanced corneal thickness measurement device is designed to simplify the process while delivering precise results. With its intuitive operation, wireless capabilities, customizable settings, and durable portability, the Pachmate 2 is a reliable and convenient tool for eye care professionals.

Product Features:

- Instant Measurements: Simply power on the Pachmate 2 and it's ready to measure. Touch the probe tip to any corneal location, and within seconds, it will capture and store up to 25 measurements.
- Audible Feedback: The device provides audible feedback to indicate when a valid measurement is complete, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
- LCD Display: The 16-character by 2-line LCD display offers easy visibility, presenting the current measurement, average, and standard deviation of all measurements taken.
- Proven Measurement Algorithm: The Pachmate 2 utilizes a proven measurement algorithm that delivers accurate and reproducible results, building upon a technology that has been setting the standard since 1982.

Product Benefits:

- Time Efficiency: With rapid measurements and wireless capabilities, the Pachmate 2 streamlines the measurement process, saving valuable time for eye care professionals.
- Precise and Reliable: The device's advanced measurement algorithm ensures accurate and reproducible results, providing confidence in clinical assessments.
- Seamless Reporting: The Pachmate 2 features Bluetooth® wireless technology, enabling automatic transmission of measurements to a PC or Bluetooth® printer for easy report generation.
- Customization Options: Users can personalize operational modes, adjust the number of measurements, and set time delays to suit individual preferences. The customized settings are permanently stored in the device's memory.

Technical Details:

- Measurement Modes: Continuous Average Mode and Mapping Mode.
- Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth® technology for seamless data transmission to PCs and Bluetooth® printers.
- Portable and Durable: Handheld, battery-operated, and lightweight design for easy portability. The Pachmate 2 probe is detachable and rotatable for customizable measurement positions and can be protected during transport or storage.
- Lifetime and Warranty: The Pachmate 2 has a minimum lifetime of 10 years and is backed by an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

Additional Features:

- Electronic Calibration Standard: Included for accurate calibration.
- Detachable Probe: A 20 MHz detachable probe for precise measurements.
- DGH Connect Software: Installation media for enhanced connectivity and data management.
- Rechargeable Batteries: AAA batteries for convenient and eco-friendly power.
- Custom Carrying Case: Ensures safe storage and easy transport of the Pachmate 2.

Unlock the potential of effortless corneal thickness measurements with the Pachmate 2. Its user-friendly operation, accurate results, wireless capabilities, customization options, and durable portability make it an indispensable tool for eye care professionals. With the added convenience of additional features, the Pachmate 2 is designed to meet the needs of modern ophthalmic practices.

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