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Accutome 4Sight Ultrasound Platform

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Product Description

Introducing the 4Sight, the ultimate solution for ophthalmic diagnostics designed to elevate your practice. This all-in-one ultrasound imaging system combines an A-Scan, B-Scan, UBM, and Pachymeter into a single platform, revolutionizing your workflow and optimizing efficiency. Experience the power of accuracy, convenience, and value with the 4Sight.  Experience the future of ophthalmic diagnostics with the 4Sight. This comprehensive solution offers exceptional value, uncompromising quality, and seamless integration. Upgrade your practice today and unlock the full potential of your diagnostics! Invest in enhanced diagnostics and efficiency. Get the 4Sight now and take the first step towards optimizing your practice!

Product Features:

- All-in-One Solution:
- A-Scan, B-Scan, UBM, and Pachymeter in a single platform
- Streamline your workflow and save space with a comprehensive diagnostic system

- Affordable Price:
- Get exceptional value for your investment with the 4Sight
- Industry-leading warranty and service programs for peace of mind

- Unparalleled Clinical Accuracy:
- Proprietary signal processing technology for precise measurements
- Reliable results and accurate diagnoses

- Superior Image Quality:
- Unsurpassed image clarity for detailed visualization
- Exceeds expectations with high-resolution imaging

- Efficiency and Ease of Use:
- Ergonomic and portable design for effortless use
- Intuitive user interface for rapid learning and confident operation
- Easy data transfer between modalities for increased patient throughput
- DICOMâ„  Worklist compatibility for seamless integration with existing systems

Technical Details:

- Weight: 5 lbs (2.27 kg), highly portable
- Touch screen interface for user-friendly operation
- Integrated DICOM worklist modality for seamless connectivity
- HDMI, Ethernet, and 5 USB ports for expanded capabilities

A-Scan Module:

- Lightweight and compact with exceptional electronic resolution and clinical accuracy
- Measurement capabilities: ACD, lens thickness, VCD, and axial length
- Capture modes and customizable eye types for enhanced versatility
- Export reports and images in multiple formats

B-Scan and UBM Modules:

- Outstanding imaging quality with exceptional axial and lateral resolutions
- Various scan options, gamma settings, and time gain control for full imaging control
- Multiple measuring calipers for precise analysis
- Export reports and images in multiple formats

Pachymeter Module:

- Accurate corneal measurements with automated IOP adjustment
- High precision, wide measurement range, and fast sample rate for confident assessments

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