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Topcon CC100 Acuity Chart

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Product Description

Immerse your patients in the clarity and precision of visual acuity testing with the Topcon CC100 Acuity Chart. This versatile solution boasts a high-resolution 22-inch LCD monitor, ensuring a vivid and vibrant display of charts. With virtually unlimited test charts and a white Maddox LED light source, the CC-100 offers a comprehensive range of visual acuity tests, including the ETDRS. Its seamless integration with other Topcon refraction products makes it a perfect addition to your practice. The Topcon CC100 Acuity Chart delivers exceptional visual acuity testing with its high-resolution LCD screen, versatile test charts, and seamless integration with Topcon refraction products. Benefit from its comprehensive testing capabilities, clear chart display, and multiple control options. Elevate your practice with the precision and efficiency of the Topcon CC100 Acuity Chart.

Key Features:

1. 22-Inch LCD Screen:
- Provides a high-resolution display for clear and bright chart presentations.
- Offers a large viewing area for enhanced patient experience.

2. Virtually Unlimited Test Charts:
- Enables a wide variety of visual acuity tests to meet different diagnostic requirements.
- Provides flexibility in selecting the most suitable chart for each patient.

3. White Maddox LED Light Source:
- Ensures optimal illumination for accurate and reliable test results.
- Offers consistent and uniform lighting conditions during examinations.

4. MKH Test Sequence According to Haase:
- Incorporates the MKH test sequence, a widely recognized and standardized approach to visual acuity testing.
- Allows for efficient and systematic assessment of visual acuity.

5. Image Separation and Red/Green Images:
- Provides image separation capabilities, allowing the use of red and green images for specific tests.
- Enhances test options and accommodates different testing scenarios.

6. Seamless Design Integration:
- Fits harmoniously with other Topcon refraction products, creating a cohesive and unified workspace.
- Offers a streamlined and efficient testing environment.

Product Benefits:

- Clear and Vivid Chart Display: The high-resolution LCD screen ensures a visually striking presentation, facilitating accurate patient responses.
- Comprehensive Visual Acuity Testing: The CC-100 accommodates a wide range of visual acuity tests, including the ETDRS, meeting diverse diagnostic needs.
- Integration with Topcon Refraction Products: Seamlessly integrates with other Topcon devices for a cohesive and efficient workflow.
- Multiple Control Options: Operate the CC-100 with Topcon's CV-5000 CV system using a PC, the KB-50 one-dial controller, or a wireless tablet. Remote control operation is also supported.

Technical Details:

- LCD Screen Size: 22 inches
- Test Chart Availability: Virtually unlimited
- Light Source: White Maddox LED
- Test Sequence: MKH according to Haase
- Integration: Compatible with Topcon's CV-5000 CV system, KB-50 one-dial controller, wireless tablet, and remote controller

Please note that availability and specific features may vary, so it's recommended to contact our team for more information and to explore how the CC100 Acuity Chart can enhance your practice.

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