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Topcon ACP-8R Auto Chart Projector

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Product Description

Immerse your patients in the world of precise visual acuity assessment with the Topcon ACP-8R Automatic Chart Projector. This cutting-edge device features 30 random access charts, including multiple 20/20 and 20/15 lines, making it an excellent choice for LASIK centers and post-surgical determination of visual acuity. With its comprehensive features and advanced technology, the ACP-8R provides convenience, accuracy, and versatility for enhanced patient care. Experience the precision and efficiency of the Topcon ACP-8R Automatic Chart Projector. With its versatile chart options, fast rotation, and seamless integration with the CV-5000, this advanced device enhances visual acuity assessment in LASIK centers and post-surgical evaluations. Elevate your practice with the convenience and accuracy of the Topcon ACP-8R Automatic Chart Projector.

Product Features:

1. 30 AO Compatible Test Charts, including ETDRS:
- Offers a wide range of test charts to meet various diagnostic needs.
- Provides flexibility in selecting the most appropriate chart for each patient.

2. Fastest Chart Rotation on the Market:
- Enables quick and seamless chart transitions, optimizing workflow efficiency.
- Reduces patient waiting time and enhances overall examination speed.

3. Fully Programmable Chart Selections:
- Allows customization of chart sequences and individual chart selection.
- Provides flexibility and adaptability to specific testing requirements.

4. Wide Projection Size (330 x 270):
- Offers a spacious projection area, ensuring clear and easily readable charts.
- Enhances patient comfort and facilitates accurate responses.

5. Variable Focus Lens:
- Enables adjustment of focus to accommodate different examination distances.
- Enhances precision and accuracy in visual acuity assessment.

6. Programmable Wireless Remote:
- Provides convenient control over chart selection and operation.
- Allows the operator to remain close to the patient during testing.

7. Completely Interfaced with CV-5000:
- Seamlessly integrates with Topcon's CV-5000 refraction system.
- Enables synchronized operation and data management for a streamlined workflow.

Product Benefits:

- Precise Visual Acuity Assessment: The ACP-8R's multiple 20/20 and 20/15 lines enable accurate determination of visual acuity, making it suitable for LASIK centers and post-surgical evaluations.
- Enhanced Efficiency: The fast chart rotation and programmable chart selections optimize workflow, reducing examination time and increasing patient throughput.
- Versatile Testing Options: With a wide range of test charts, including ETDRS, the ACP-8R accommodates diverse diagnostic requirements and provides flexibility in visual acuity assessment.
- User-Friendly Operation: The wireless remote control and seamless integration with the CV-5000 ensure a convenient and intuitive user experience.
- High-Quality Projection: The wide projection size and variable focus lens deliver clear, easily readable charts for accurate patient responses.

Technical Details:

- Test Charts: 30 AO compatible test charts, including ETDRS
- Chart Rotation: Fastest rotation on the market
- Chart Selection: Fully programmable for customized sequences
- Projection Size: 330 x 270
- Focus Lens: Variable focus for adjustable examination distances
- Remote Control: Programmable wireless remote
- Interface: Completely interfaced with Topcon's CV-5000 refraction system

Please note that specific features and availability may vary, so it is recommended to contact our team for more information and to explore how the ACP-8R can enhance your practice.

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