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Topcon VisiChart LCD Flat Panel Acuity

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Product Description

Experience the accuracy and efficiency of vision testing with the VisiChart Flat Panel All-in-One Visual Acuity System. This standalone system features a large 17" LCD display and a wireless remote control, providing a seamless testing experience. With its adherence to ANSI and ISO standards, the VisiChart ensures reliable and standardized vision testing. It offers a range of charts, including ETDRS, and allows for flexible mounting options for easy integration into any examination lane. The system's customizable onscreen scripts and contrast sensitivity testing further enhance its capabilities. Elevate your vision testing with the modern design and advanced features of the VisiChart.

Product Features:

1. Large 17" LCD Display:
- Provides a clear and easily readable visual testing interface.
- Offers a wide viewing angle for both the patient and the examiner.

2. Wireless Remote Control:
- Enables convenient control of the system without the need for direct contact.
- Allows for seamless navigation through different testing options.

3. ANSI and ISO Standards Compliance:
- Meets industry standards for accurate and reliable vision testing.
- Ensures consistent and standardized results for precise diagnostics.

4. Versatile Chart Options:
- Includes a variety of charts, such as ETDRS, for comprehensive vision assessment.
- Offers flexibility in selecting the most appropriate chart for specific testing needs.

5. Flexible Mounting Options:
- Can be easily mounted on a wall or desk, adapting to different clinic setups.
- Enables convenient integration into any examination lane or workspace.

6. Mirror Room Compatibility:
- Adjustable orientation allows for usage in mirrored rooms without compromising accuracy.
- Facilitates vision testing in specialized environments.

Product Benefits:

- Accurate and Efficient Vision Testing: The VisiChart delivers precise and reliable results, enhancing the accuracy of vision assessments.
- Customizable Onscreen Scripts: Personalized onscreen scripts allow for tailored instructions to meet specific patient needs.
- Contrast Sensitivity Testing: The inclusion of contrast sensitivity testing provides a comprehensive evaluation of visual function.
- Easy Integration: Flexible mounting options ensure seamless integration into any examination lane or workspace.

Technical Details:

- LCD Display Size: 17"
- Wireless Remote Control: Included
- Compliance: ANSI and ISO standards
- Chart Options: Includes ETDRS and other customizable charts
- Mounting Options: Wall or desk mounting
- Mirror Room Compatibility: Yes, adjustable orientation

The VisiChart Flat Panel All-in-One Visual Acuity System offers accurate and efficient vision testing with its large LCD display, wireless remote control, and adherence to industry standards. Benefit from customizable onscreen scripts, contrast sensitivity testing, and flexible mounting options. Choose the VisiChart to enhance your vision testing capabilities with its modern design and advanced features.

Please note that availability and specific features may vary, so it's recommended to contact our team for more information and to explore how the VisiChart can meet your specific needs.

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