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Sonomed MasterVu 5600 B-Scan

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Product Description

Immerse yourself in the world of portability and user-friendliness with the Sonomed MasterVu B-Scan. This remarkable device combines convenience with high-resolution imaging, offering a comprehensive solution for your diagnostic needs. Upgrade to the Sonomed MasterVu B-Scan and revolutionize your diagnostic capabilities today! Enjoy the power of portability without compromising on image quality or functionality.

Product Features:

- Unparalleled Portability: Seamlessly use the MasterVu B-Scan with laptop, desktop, or tablet PCs
- USB Connection: Simple USB connection ensures compatibility with most devices, including tablet touch screen PCs
- Intuitive and User-Friendly: Designed for ease of setup and operation, even for those new to ultrasound imaging
- On-Probe Activation Switch: Effortlessly capture still images and video clips with a quick activation switch on the probe
- Frame-by-Frame Review: Review video clips frame by frame to select the optimal images for precise diagnostics
- Selectable Simultaneous A-Scan Vector: Display the A-scan trace across a selectable vector for enhanced diagnostic insights
- Measurement Calipers: Easily accessible and user-friendly calipers for distance and angle measurements
- Continuous Zoom and Pan: Examine images in detail with continuous zoom and pan functions
- Near-Mid-Far Gain, Contrast, and TVG Controls: Optimize image quality with adjustable settings for clear and detailed visualization
- Hard-Shell Padded Carrying Case: Secure transportation and protection for the MasterVu B-Scan
- USB Cable and Pre-Loaded Software: Package includes a USB cable and USB memory stick with pre-loaded MasterVu software
- Patient Database and Image Library: Software provides a patient database and image library with printing and download capabilities
- Multiple Computer Installation: Software can be easily installed on multiple computers (three licenses included)
- Seamless Integration: Ensure seamless integration into your practice workflow

Product Benefits:

- Portability without Compromise: Experience extreme portability without sacrificing image quality or functionality
- Versatile Compatibility: Use the MasterVu B-Scan with a variety of PC devices, including tablets
- Efficient Data Acquisition: Quick and efficient capture of still images and video clips for comprehensive diagnostic options
- Precise Measurements: Accessible measurement calipers enable accurate distance and angle measurements
- Detailed Image Examination: Continuous zoom and pan functions allow for detailed examination of images
- Optimal Image Quality: Adjust gain, contrast, and TVG settings for optimal visualization of anatomical structures
- Secure and Protected: Hard-shell padded carrying case ensures safe transportation and device protection
- Comprehensive Software: Patient database and image library with printing and download capabilities for seamless integration

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