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DGH Scanmate 8000 Portable B-Scan

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Product Description

Elevate your diagnostic capabilities with the DGH 8000 Scanmate-A, a portable USB B-Scan designed to revolutionize medical practices. Combining advanced ultrasound technology with the processing power and connectivity advantages of a personal computer, this device provides exceptional imaging quality and user-friendly features. With intuitive software, customizable reports, and seamless data management, the DGH 8000 Scanmate-A empowers healthcare professionals to enhance patient care and diagnostic accuracy.

Product Features:

- Advanced ultrasound technology: Incorporates state-of-the-art ultrasound technology for high-quality images with clear and sharp details.
- User-friendly software: Intuitive software enables quick patient data entry, scans, and report creation for streamlined workflows.
- Post-processing capabilities: Offers video playback, gain adjustment, contrast and image intensity control, distance measurements with dual digital calipers, and distortion-free zoom for comprehensive post-processing capabilities.
- Annotating and visualization tools: Position map tool for easy annotation of probe orientation directly on the scan, and diagnostic A-mode overlay to visualize differences in reflectivity between structures.
- Customizable reports: Create professional and tailored reports that can be saved to a database, exported to an EMR/EHR system, or printed directly from a networked printer.
- Flexible data storage options: Store patient data locally or in a centralized network location for easy searchability and compatibility with EMR/EHR systems.
- Portability: Handheld device with a compact stand that occupies minimal desktop space. Custom carrying case ensures safe handling and convenient transport.
- DGH Scanmate software integration: Seamlessly operate both A-scan and B-scan devices through the DGH Scanmate software, enabling quick switching between measurement modes and storage of patient records, videos, and measurement files in a single location.

Technical Details:

- Package includes: USB B-scan probe, probe stand, coupling gel, software installation media, installation and quick start guide, and custom carrying case.

Upgrade your medical practice with the DGH 8000 Scanmate-A. Experience the power of advanced ultrasound technology, user-friendly software, and customizable reports in a portable and efficient package. Enhance your diagnostic accuracy, streamline workflows, and elevate patient care with this cutting-edge USB B-Scan solution.

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