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  • Black 4246 Reliance Stool

Reliance 4246 Exam Black Stool

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The Reliance 4246 Exam Black Stool is designed to provide comfort and functionality during examinations and procedures. With its pneumatic height adjustment, sturdy five-legged base, round seat, and adjustable backrest, this stool offers a comfortable seating experience and customizable support. It prioritizes stability and balance, ensuring healthcare professionals can focus on their work with ease. The Reliance 4246 Exam Black Stool combines comfort, adjustability, and stability to enhance the examination experience for healthcare professionals. With its pneumatic height adjustment, sturdy base, round seat, and adjustable backrest, it provides customizable support and promotes a secure seating position. Designed for functionality and durability, this stool offers reliable performance in healthcare settings.

Product Features:

1. Pneumatic Raising and Lowering:
- Effortless height adjustment using the lever located underneath the seat.
- Users can easily raise or lower the stool to their desired position.

2. Five-Legged Base:
- Sturdy base with five legs for stability and even weight distribution.
- Promotes a secure and balanced seating experience during examinations.

3. 15" Round Seat and Tilting Adjustable Back:
- 15" round seat provides a comfortable seating surface.
- Tilting adjustable backrest allows for horizontal and vertical customization, offering an ergonomic fit.

4. Adjustable Backrest:
- Upholstered backrest can be adjusted, tilted, and positioned to user preferences.
- Provides customizable support and comfort during use.

5. Height Adjustment Lever:
- Lever under the seat enables easy height adjustment.
- Pneumatic assist system raises or lowers the seat smoothly.

6. Stability:
- Five-legged base ensures stability and even weight distribution.
- Base circumference exceeds seat size for added stability in the sit-stand position.

Technical Details:

- Round seat with 15" diameter.
- Pneumatic mechanism for height adjustment.
- Sturdy five-legged base.
- Tilting adjustable backrest.
- Lever for easy height adjustment.

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