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Ocular OMSLA Lens

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Product Description

Experience the Ocular OMSLA Lens, a marvel designed exclusively for laser suture lysis after trabeculectomy or cataract surgery. Immerse yourself in a world of meticulous precision as this lens delicately compresses conjunctival blood vessels, unfurling a pristine view of the sutures. Let your senses come alive as the surgical site unfolds before your eyes, revealing every intricate detail. With its unrivaled clarity and precision, the Ocular OMSLA Lens empowers surgeons to perform suture lysis with unparalleled accuracy, paving the way for successful surgical outcomes.

Product Features:

- Compressed Conjunctival Blood Vessels: The Ocular OMSLA Lens gently compresses conjunctival blood vessels, allowing for a clear and unobstructed view of the sutures during laser suture lysis.
- Complete Visualization of the Surgical Site: Designed to facilitate complete visualization, this lens ensures surgeons have a comprehensive view of the surgical site, enabling accurate and precise laser treatment.

Product Benefits:

- Unmatched Clarity and Precision: With its ability to compress conjunctival blood vessels, the Ocular OMSLA Lens provides an exceptional view of the sutures, allowing for meticulous laser suture lysis with unparalleled accuracy.
- Effective and Efficient Suture Lysis: By providing clear visualization and precise targeting of the sutures, this lens serves as a valuable tool for performing effective and efficient suture lysis, contributing to successful surgical outcomes.

Technical Details:

- Lens Model: OC-OMSLA
- Image Magnification: 1.32x
- Laser Spot Magnification: 0.76x
- Contact Diameter: 5.6mm
- Lens Height: 21mm

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