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Ocular OAIY Lens

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Product Description

Step into a world of enhanced precision and clarity with the remarkable Ocular OAIY Lens. This innovative lens is a sensory delight, designed to elevate your ophthalmic procedures to new heights. With its 10mm diameter and a powerful 66D magnifying button, the lens offers unparalleled visualization of the iridectomy site, bringing the intricate details into focus. Experience the benefits of increased laser efficiency, improved stability, and optimal eyelid positioning, allowing you to perform procedures with confidence and achieve exceptional outcomes.

Product Features:

- Magnifying Button: The Ocular OAIY Lens features a 66D magnifying button positioned over the peripheral iris, providing a clear and magnified view of the iridectomy site, enhancing precision and accuracy during the procedure.
- Laser Efficiency: By using this lens, the laser efficiency is significantly increased compared to performing the procedure without a lens, ensuring optimal energy delivery and treatment effectiveness.
- Eye Stabilization: The lens helps stabilize the patient's eye, minimizing eye movements and allowing for steady and controlled laser application.
- Eyelid Retention: With the lens in place, the eyelids are comfortably retained in a favorable position, providing better access to the treatment area and facilitating a smooth and uninterrupted procedure.

Product Benefits:

- Enhanced Visualization: The powerful magnifying button offers increased image magnification (1.5x) and laser spot magnification (.67x), enabling precise visualization of the iridectomy site and enhancing procedural accuracy.
- Improved Laser Efficiency: The lens enhances laser efficiency, ensuring optimal energy delivery to the treatment site, resulting in improved treatment outcomes.
- Enhanced Stability: By stabilizing the patient's eye, the lens reduces the risk of unintended eye movements during the procedure, allowing for greater precision and control.
- Optimal Eyelid Positioning: The lens helps retain the eyelids in a favorable position, providing better access and visibility during the procedure, enhancing surgical workflow and reducing the risk of interference.

Technical Details:

- Model: Ocular OAIY Lens
- Diameter: 10mm
- Magnification: 66D magnifying button with an image magnification of 1.5x and a laser spot magnification of 0.67x
- Contact Diameter: 15.5mm
- Lens Height: 16.5mm

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