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Product Description

Experience the pinnacle of precision and clarity with the Ocular OMVGL Lens. Renowned for its exceptional resolution and versatility, this lens is a trusted companion for performing gonioscopy and laser trabeculoplasty procedures. Its single 62° mirror provides a complete panoramic view of the anterior chamber angle, while its tilted anterior surface corrects image and laser beam astigmatism, ensuring precise and clear results. Capture high-quality anterior chamber angle photographs with ease, as the OMVGL Lens delivers outstanding resolution. With the added advantage of not requiring methylcellulose for most patients, this lens prioritizes both patient comfort and procedure efficiency. From Argon to diode and YAG lasers, the OMVGL Lens adapts seamlessly, making it an indispensable tool for ophthalmic procedures.

Product Features:

- Single 62° Mirror: The OMVGL Lens features a single mirror that provides a comprehensive view of the anterior chamber angle, enabling accurate assessments and procedures.
- Tilted Anterior Surface: The lens's tilted anterior surface corrects image and laser beam astigmatism, ensuring precise and clear results during the procedure.
- Exceptional Resolution: Renowned for its outstanding resolution, the OMVGL Lens captures high-quality anterior chamber angle photographs, allowing for detailed examination and documentation.

Product Benefits:

- Precise and Clear Results: The lens's design and astigmatism correction guarantee precise and clear imaging and laser beam delivery, ensuring accurate assessments and effective treatments.
- Enhanced Patient Comfort and Efficiency: With most patients not requiring the use of methylcellulose, the lens prioritizes patient comfort and procedure efficiency, streamlining the workflow and improving the overall experience.
- Versatile Laser Compatibility: The OMVGL Lens is compatible with a range of lasers, including Argon, diode, and YAG lasers, offering versatility and adaptability for various treatment modalities.

Technical Details:

- Lens Model: Ocular OMVGL Lens
- Gonio Mag: 1.3x
- Gonio Laser Spot Mag: 0.77x
- Contact Diameter: 15mm
- Lens Height: 23.5mm
- Static Gonio Field of View: 160°

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