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Occluder + Red Lens

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Product Description

Our occluder and red lens are indispensable tools for clinical and office settings, providing essential functions with added convenience. The occluder's glossy finish ensures easy cleaning, while the lenses offer exceptional optical quality, guaranteeing accurate and reliable results.

Product Features:

- Durable Construction: The occluders are constructed from strong and lightweight ABS plastic, ensuring long-lasting durability. They can withstand daily use in busy clinical environments without compromising their performance.
- Color Options: The occluders are available in black or white, allowing you to choose the color that best suits your preference or clinical setting.
- Standard Length: With a standard length of 25cm, the occluders provide ample coverage and versatility for various testing and treatment procedures.
- Cupped Shape: The occluders are designed with a cupped shape that conforms to a 70mm radius, ensuring optimal coverage and patient comfort during eye examinations or treatments.
- State-of-the-Art Bonding Technique: Our advanced bonding technique further enhances the longevity of the occluders, ensuring they maintain their structural integrity over extended periods of use.

Product Benefits:

- Optimal Eye Coverage: Occluders are essential for covering one eye during testing or treatment, enabling accurate evaluation of visual acuity, alignment, or ocular dominance. The cupped shape of our occluders ensures thorough coverage and reliable results.
- High Optical Quality: The lenses provided with our occluders offer superior optical quality, ensuring clear vision and accurate assessment during examinations.
- Convenient Maddox Rod Testing: Maddox rods, used in conjunction with prisms, allow for the measurement of lateral and vertical phoria in both near and distant vision. The Maddox rod test serves as a viable alternative to the Von Graefe Phoria technique, offering flexibility when patients cannot perceive two targets in the Von Graefe test.
- Comprehensive Solution: Our Combo Occluder is a comprehensive instrument that includes a maddox rod, occluder, red lens, fixation targets, multiple pinholes of different sizes, millimeter rule, PD rule, Palpebral scale, and corneal scale. This all-in-one solution simplifies various examinations, providing convenience and efficiency.

Technical Details:

- Material: ABS plastic
- Length: 25cm (standard)
- Cupped shape with a 70mm radius
- Maddox rod for phoria testing
- Red lens for optical examinations
- Combo Occluder includes multiple features and scales for comprehensive examinations
- Different configurations and combinations available to suit specific needs

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