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Occluder Singe End Long Black

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Product Description

The Single End Long Black Occluder is a versatile tool designed to enhance eye examinations and vision tests. With its sleek, long design, measuring 9.5 inches in length, this occluder effectively covers one eye, allowing for precise and isolated examination of the other eye. Its black color provides a complete occlusion, blocking light and ensuring accurate test results. Whether performing comprehensive eye examinations or conducting vision tests, the Single End Long Black Occluder is an essential tool for eye care professionals.

Product Features:

- Length: The occluder measures 9.5 inches in length, providing ample coverage for one eye during examinations and tests.
- Single End Design: Designed with a single end, this occluder is easy to handle and position, allowing for convenient use during various eye procedures.
- Complete Occlusion: The black color of the occluder ensures a complete occlusion, blocking light and eliminating distractions, leading to more accurate examination and test results.
- Versatile Application: The Single End Long Black Occluder is suitable for a range of applications, including eye examinations, vision tests, and assessments that require covering one eye.
- Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials, this occluder is built to last, ensuring reliable performance during numerous examinations and tests.


- Enhanced Eye Examinations: By effectively covering one eye, the occluder allows eye care professionals to focus on the examination of the other eye, facilitating detailed and accurate assessments.
- Precise Vision Tests: During vision tests, the occluder isolates one eye, preventing it from influencing the visual responses of the other eye, enabling more precise and reliable test results.
- Convenient and Easy to Use: The single end design and optimal length of the occluder make it easy to handle and position, ensuring convenience and efficiency during eye procedures.
- Reliable and Durable: The occluder is made from durable materials, providing long-lasting performance and eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

Technical Details:

- Length: 9.5 inches
- Color: Black
- Material: High-quality, durable construction

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