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  • MPH150E Manual Phoropter

Essilor MPH150 Manual Phoropter


Product Description

Experience the essence of reliability and versatility with the Essilor MPH150 Manual Phoropter. This exceptional instrument is designed for manual refraction in optometry and ophthalmology practices, offering flexibility, high quality, and a range of features to ensure efficient and accurate refractions. The Essilor MPH150 Manual Phoropter sets the benchmark for manual refraction, offering a blend of flexibility, high-quality design, and a comprehensive range of lenses and filters. It is the ideal solution for practitioners seeking precise and accurate refractions in their optometry and ophthalmology practices.

Product Features:

1. Flexible and High-Quality Design:
- Durable and qualitative mechanical design for long-lasting performance.
- Built to withstand frequent use while maintaining accuracy over time.

2. Extensive Range of Lenses and Filters:
- Wide selection of lenses and filters to accommodate diverse refractive needs.
- Enables precise and customized refractions for both far and near vision.

3. Convergence Mechanism for Near-Vision Examination:
- Specifically designed convergence mechanism for accurate near-vision assessments.
- Facilitates easy convergence of the optical axes, ensuring precise near-vision evaluation.

4. All-Inclusive Instrument:
- Comprehensive features and capabilities for efficient and thorough refraction examinations.
- Provides a complete solution for refraction rooms, eliminating the need for multiple instruments.

5. Rapid Advance of Lenses:
- Simple knob for rapid advancement of lenses during refraction procedures.
- Enables swift and smooth adjustments, saving time and enhancing overall efficiency.

6. Easy Installation Options:
- Can be installed on the self-balancing arm of a column or on a wall-mounted arm.
- Offers flexibility in setting up the instrument according to practice needs and layout.

Product Benefits:

- Precise and Accurate Refractions: The MPH150 ensures accurate refractions, delivering reliable results for optimal patient care.

- Customized Vision Correction: A wide range of lenses and filters allows for personalized and precise vision correction.

- Streamlined Examination Process: The convergence mechanism and rapid lens advance feature contribute to efficient and time-saving refractions.

- Versatile and Convenient Setup: Easy installation options provide flexibility to accommodate different practice setups and preferences.

Technical Details:

- Model: Essilor MPH150 Manual Phoropter
- Design: Flexible and high-quality mechanical design
- Lenses and Filters: Extensive range for diverse refractive needs
- Convergence Mechanism: Specifically designed for near-vision examination
- Installation: Self-balancing arm or wall-mounted arm options

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