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Phoropter Clean and Overhaul

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Product Description

Revitalize your phoropter and bring it back to life with our exceptional phoropter overhaul service. Experience the transformation as we meticulously clean, repair, and restore your instrument to its optimal condition. From disassembly and thorough cleaning to precision reassembly and quality testing, our comprehensive service ensures that your phoropter operates at its best for accurate and efficient examinations. With the added bonus of a free loaner phoropter, you can continue your work uninterrupted while we revitalize your instrument.


- Disassembly: Complete disassembly of the phoropter for a thorough overhaul.
- Lens Cleaning: Meticulous cleaning of all lenses to remove dust, smudges, and debris.
- Moving Parts Cleaning: Cleaning of all moving parts to ensure smooth and precise operation.
- Bearing Maintenance: Degreasing and re-lubrication of all bearings for optimal performance.
- Misalignment Rectification: Correction of any misalignment issues for accurate measurements.
- Precise Reassembly: Expert reassembly of the phoropter to maintain its integrity.
- Quality Testing: Thorough testing of the phoropter's operation to ensure functionality and accuracy.
- Exterior Cleaning: Cleaning of the exterior for a pristine appearance.
- Exterior Touch-up: Optional touch-up of exterior paint to restore its original aesthetics.


- Optimal Condition: Restore your phoropter to its optimal condition for precise and reliable measurements.
- Enhanced Performance: Thorough cleaning and maintenance improve the overall performance of your instrument.
- Accuracy and Efficiency: A properly overhauled phoropter ensures accurate and efficient examinations.
- Loaner Phoropter: Take advantage of a free loaner phoropter while your instrument is being serviced, minimizing downtime.

Technical Details:

- Service Type: Phoropter Overhaul
- Cleaning Method: Thorough cleaning and degreasing
- Lubrication: Re-lubrication of bearings for smooth operation
- Alignment: Correction of misalignment issues
- Quality Testing: Comprehensive testing of functionality and accuracy
- Exterior Touch-up: Optional touch-up of exterior paint

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