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Keeler TonoClear Prism Tips - Box of 100

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Product Description

The Tonoclear applanation prism is a Goldmann-style, single-use prism designed to provide a clear view of the miers during routine eye examinations. With its superior image quality and compatibility with all Goldmann applanation tonometers, it offers convenience, sterility, and improved accuracy for eye care professionals. Choose Tonoclear applanation prisms to improve the safety, accuracy, and efficiency of your routine eye examinations. With its single-use design and superior image quality, it provides clear mier visualization and eliminates the risk of cross-contamination. Enjoy the convenience and compatibility of Tonoclear prisms for seamless integration into your practice.

Product Features:

- Single-Use Design: Each Tonoclear prism is individually packed, ensuring single-use and preventing cross-contamination between patients.
- Quantity: Each box includes 100 single-use prisms, providing an ample supply for routine examinations.
- Superior Image Quality: The Tonoclear prism is specifically designed to minimize the impact of light intensity and internal reflections, resulting in a clearer image of the miers. This enhances the accuracy and speed of measurements.
- Compatibility: The Tonoclear prism is compatible with all Goldmann applanation tonometers, ensuring seamless integration into existing equipment.
- Sterility: Prisms are Ethylene Oxide sterilized, guaranteeing sterility and eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. After each use, the prism can be easily disposed of.
- Easy Packaging: The Tonoclear prisms are individually packed and sterilized, requiring no assembly. This makes them quick and easy to install, saving time during examination procedures.

Product Benefits:

- Cross-Infection Prevention: The single-use design of Tonoclear prisms eliminates the risk of cross-contamination between patients, enhancing the safety and hygiene of eye examinations.
- Clear and Accurate Measurements: The Tonoclear prism's superior image quality allows for a clearer view of the miers, leading to improved accuracy in measurements and diagnoses.
- Convenience and Efficiency: The individually packed and sterilized prisms require no assembly, making them easy to use and saving valuable time during examinations.
- Compatibility and Integration: The Tonoclear prism is compatible with all Goldmann applanation tonometers, ensuring seamless integration into existing equipment setups.

Technical Details:

- Prism Type: Goldmann-style applanation prism
- Quantity: 100 single-use prisms per box
- Sterilization Method: Ethylene Oxide sterilized
- Compatibility: Works with all Goldmann applanation tonometers

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