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Keeler IntelliPuff Tonometer

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Product Description

The Pulsair intelliPuff offers a fast and accurate solution for intraocular pressure (IOP) measurement without the need for daily consumables. With Keeler's exclusive LED technology, this device ensures that your investment will never increase your pressure, providing cost-effective and reliable results. The intelliPuff embodies intelligent technology, delivering enhanced accuracy and ease of use for both practitioners and patients.

Product Features:

- Lowest Price: The intelliPuff offers a competitive price point, making it an affordable option for IOP measurement.
- No Consumables: With no daily consumables required, the intelliPuff eliminates ongoing costs, providing cost savings for the user.
- Easiest to Use: Designed with simplicity in mind, the intelliPuff is easy to operate, allowing for efficient and hassle-free measurements.
- Smallest Footprint: The intelliPuff has a compact design with a small footprint, requiring less space compared to conventional non-contact tonometers.
- The Intelligence Inside: Equipped with Keeler's intelligent puff system, the intelliPuff combines electronic and optical technology to deliver accurate and fast results.
- Softest Puff Ever: The intelliPuff provides a gentle puff of air, ensuring patient comfort during the measurement process. If the patient has high pressures, the puff automatically increases for the next measurement, ensuring accuracy without compromising comfort.
- Desk Top or Wall Mount: The intelliPuff offers flexibility in placement, allowing users to choose between desk or wall mounting options. It requires less than 50% of the space of conventional tonometers and is the only model that can be wall-mounted. No special instrument table is required, providing freedom in positioning and easy relocation.

Technical Details:

- LED Technology: The intelliPuff utilizes Keeler's exclusive LED technology for reliable and consistent results.
- Measurement Method: Non-contact tonometry
- Space Savings: Requires less than 50% of the space compared to conventional non-contact tonometers
- Mounting Options: Can be placed on a desk or wall-mounted

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