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  • Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope

Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope

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Product Description

The Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope delivers ultimate control and convenience for routine eye examinations. Its intuitive design allows for easy introduction of lenses, graticules, and filters without the need to move away from the patient. With advanced features like Xenon illumination, a positive action maywheel, comprehensive lens range, swing over filter, brow rest, and professional apertures and filters, this ophthalmoscope ensures efficient and accurate examinations. Experience total control at your fingertips with the Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope.

Product Features:

- Xenon Illumination: Equipped with bright and long-lasting Xenon illumination for optimal diagnostic capability, ensuring accurate diagnosis even in the presence of cloudy media.
- Positive Action Maywheel: User-friendly maywheel for quick lens selection, providing easy access and indicating lens position without interrupting the examination.
- Comprehensive Lens Range: Wide range of +29D to -30D in single dioptre steps, accommodating various ocular structures and patient prescriptions. Convenient step swing of +/- 20D for swift diagnosis.
- Swing Over Filter: Includes a red-free filter that enhances vessel examination and can be combined with any of the six diagnostic beams for versatile ocular health assessment.
- Brow Rest: Integrated soft brow rest for easy positioning and lens protection, especially beneficial for spectacle wearers.
- Professional Apertures & Filters: Offers a range of professional apertures and filters to support different examination techniques and aid in accurate diagnosis.

Product Benefits:

- Optimal Diagnostic Capability: Xenon illumination provides superior brightness and whiteness, ensuring accurate diagnosis even in challenging conditions.
- Convenient and Efficient: Intuitive features like the positive action maywheel and comprehensive lens range allow for seamless and swift examinations, saving valuable time.
- Versatile Examination: Swing over filter and professional apertures and filters offer flexibility in assessing ocular health and supporting various examination techniques.
- Comfortable and Protective: The integrated brow rest ensures easy positioning and protects lenses, especially beneficial for practitioners who wear spectacles.

Technical Details:

- Product Name: Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope
- Lens Range: +29D to -30D in single dioptre steps
- Illumination: Xenon illumination
- Filters: Includes a swing over red-free filter
- Apertures: Offers a range of professional apertures

Choose the Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope for ultimate control, convenience, and accuracy during routine eye examinations. With its advanced features and comprehensive lens range, this ophthalmoscope empowers ophthalmic professionals to deliver efficient and precise care to their patients.

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