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Keeler Pulsair Desktop Non Contact Tonometer

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Product Description

The Pulsair Desktop tonometer has been thoughtfully designed to prioritize both the user and the patient's experience. Its slim profile reduces patient anxiety, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free measurement process while enabling the clinician to maintain crucial visual contact. With its practical features, fast operation, and stylish design, the Pulsair Desktop tonometer seamlessly integrates into any clinical environment. The Pulsair Desktop tonometer combines practicality, speed, and style to deliver an exceptional user and patient experience. Its slim tonometer head reduces patient anxiety and ensures continuous visual contact during measurements. The efficient operation, aided by the color alignment screen and ultra-smooth alignment system, allows for fast and accurate measurements even for less experienced users. The tonometer's sleek design, with its soft color scheme, seamlessly integrates into the clinical environment. With no need for consumables, the Pulsair Desktop tonometer offers convenience and cost savings. Experience the practicality, efficiency, and style of the Pulsair Desktop tonometer for reliable and comfortable intraocular pressure measurements.

Product Features:

- Slim Tonometer Head: The slim profile of the tonometer head minimizes patient anxiety and allows for uninterrupted visual contact between the clinician and the patient.
- Fast and Efficient: The Pulsair Desktop tonometer features a color alignment screen and an ultra-smooth alignment system, enabling even novice users to perform rapid and accurate measurements. The efficient operation saves time for both the clinician and the patient.
- No Consumables: Like other Pulsair tonometers, the Pulsair Desktop does not require any consumables such as drops, single-use probes, or tips. This eliminates measurable costs associated with daily consumables.
- Stylish Design: With its soft color scheme and compact design, the Pulsair Desktop tonometer adds a touch of style to the clinical environment, seamlessly blending in with existing equipment and surroundings.

Technical Details:

- Measurement Method: Non-contact tonometry
- Alignment System: Ultra-smooth alignment system for precise measurements
- Cost of Consumables: No measurable cost of consumables (no drops, no single-use probes or tips)
- Design: Slim profile and soft color scheme for a stylish appearance

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