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Keeler Spectra Iris on Black Sport Frame

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KE-N-Spectra Iris (130mm)

Product Description

Experience the convenience and portability of the Keeler Spectra Iris Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope, a compact and lightweight solution for professionals on the move. This ophthalmoscope offers a range of benefits in a sleek design, providing you with a reliable tool for eye examinations. Easily store it in its carrying case or hang it around your neck when not in use, ensuring it's always within reach. With its adjustable aperture slider, you can customize the size of the aperture to meet your specific examination needs with a simple slide. Discover the versatility and functionality of the Keeler Spectra Iris Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope. With its compact size, ergonomic design, and advanced features like adjustable aperture, flip-up optics, and LED illumination, this ophthalmoscope provides a valuable tool for professionals in the field. Experience the convenience of its portable design, enjoy the comfort provided by the Keeler Sport Frame, and rely on its reliable performance for accurate eye examinations wherever you go.

Product Features:

- Adjustable Aperture Slider: Customize the size of the aperture with ease using the adjustable slider, allowing you to control the amount of light entering the eye for accurate examination and diagnosis.

- Complete Set: The Spectra Iris includes all the necessary components, including the optics, frame, lithium power pack, and charger. It comes with the Keeler Sport Frame, which not only adds an attractive appearance but also ensures maximum comfort and balance during extended use.

- LED Illumination: The ophthalmoscope utilizes LED illumination, eliminating the need for traditional bulbs. The long-lasting white homogenous light patch provides up to 4 hours of continuous use, saving you time and effort on bulb replacement.

- Flip-Up Optics: With the ability to flip up the optics, you can easily establish direct eye contact when communicating with patients or taking notes. This feature enhances the overall experience for both the practitioner and the patient, fostering better communication and rapport.

- Adjustable Hinge: The adjustable hinge allows the Spectra Iris to sit closer to your eyes, providing a better view and ensuring a comfortable fit during examinations. This ergonomic design feature enhances usability and reduces strain during prolonged use.

Product Benefits:

- Portability and Convenience: The compact size and lightweight design make the Spectra Iris ideal for professionals on the move. Easily carry it in the provided case or wear it around your neck for quick access and convenient storage.

- Enhanced User Experience: The ability to establish direct eye contact and the comfortable fit provided by the adjustable hinge improve the overall examination experience for both the practitioner and the patient. This fosters better communication and facilitates accurate diagnosis.

Technical Details:

- Power Source: Lithium power pack with a charger for convenient recharging.

- Optics: Binocular indirect ophthalmoscope with adjustable aperture slider.

- Frame: Keeler Sport Frame for maximum comfort and balance.

- Illumination: LED light source with a long-lasting white homogenous light patch for up to 4 hours of continuous use.

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