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Keeler Scleral Depressor - Pencil Type

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Product Description

Experience precise and controlled scleral depression with the Keeler Scleral Depressor - Pencil Type. This medical instrument is designed for ophthalmic examinations, allowing healthcare professionals to effectively examine the peripheral retina and vitreous body. With its dual-ended pencil-like design, featuring a curved shaft and a straight shaft, this depressor offers versatility and functionality. The Keeler Scleral Depressor - Pencil Type provides healthcare professionals with a versatile instrument for scleral depression during ophthalmic examinations. Its precise and controlled depression, along with patient comfort considerations, make it an essential tool for comprehensive assessment of the peripheral retina and vitreous body.

Product Features:

- Dual-Ended Design: The depressor has a pencil-like design with two ends - one with a straight shaft and the other with a curved shaft.
- Curved Shaft: The curved shaft measures 30mm in length and features a cylindrical crossbar tip that is 5mm wide, allowing for effective depression of the sclera during examinations.
- Straight Shaft: The straight shaft measures 20mm in length and has a teardrop-shaped tip that is 4mm wide. The flat top of the teardrop tip provides gentle depression of the sclera without causing discomfort to the patient.
- Rounded Blue Handle with Clip: The depressor is equipped with a rounded blue handle that features a clip, ensuring a secure grip and ease of use for the healthcare professional.

Product Benefits:

- Precise Scleral Depression: The dual-ended design of the depressor enables precise and controlled scleral depression, facilitating comprehensive ophthalmic examinations.
- Versatile Functionality: With its curved and straight shafts, this depressor offers versatility in examining the peripheral retina and vitreous body, allowing for a thorough assessment of ocular conditions.
- Patient Comfort: The teardrop-shaped tip with a flat top on the straight shaft ensures gentle depression of the sclera, prioritizing patient comfort during examinations.

Technical Details:

- Curved Shaft Length: 30mm
- Curved Shaft Tip: Cylindrical crossbar, 5mm wide
- Straight Shaft Length: 20mm
- Straight Shaft Tip: Teardrop-shaped with a flat top, 4mm wide
- Handle Color: Blue
- Handle Design: Rounded with a clip

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