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Keeler PSL One Handheld Slit Lamp

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Product Description

The Keeler PSL One Handheld Slit Lamp is an exceptional device that delivers optical excellence, portability, and value. Equipped with LED technology, this handheld slit lamp offers superior performance, extended battery life, and exceptional versatility. Built by Keeler, a trusted name in ophthalmic equipment, the PSL One is lightweight, durable, and designed to withstand the demands of daily medical use. The Keeler PSL One Handheld Slit Lamp combines optical excellence, portability, and durability in a remarkable device. With LED technology, advanced optics, and controllable illumination, it offers superior performance and adaptability for comprehensive eye examinations. Whether used in domiciliary visits or busy practices, the PSL One ensures accurate diagnoses and treatment plans with its exceptional features and reliability.

Product Features:

1. LED Technology:
- Advanced LED technology ensures enhanced resolution and extended lifespan.
- Longer battery usage reduces the need for frequent recharging.

2. Precision Machined Aluminum Chassis:
- Meticulously crafted aluminum chassis guarantees durability and stability.
- Withstands the rigors of various clinical environments.

3. Advanced Optics:
- Powerful 10x magnification delivers precise and detailed examinations.
- High-quality optics ensure accurate visualization of anterior eye structures.

4. Controllable Illumination:
- Easily adjustable illumination level for customized brightness.
- Provides optimal visibility and patient comfort in different scenarios.

5. Big Slit Lamp Features:
- Incorporates advanced optics, versatile illumination control, and durable construction.
- Provides excellent value without compromising functionality.

Technical Details:

- Suitable for domiciliary visits, examinations of elderly or infirm patients, and busy practices.
- LED illumination module with extended lifespan and longer battery usage.
- Portable and lightweight design for ease of use and versatility.
- Exceptional 10x magnification for precise examinations.
- Customizable illumination level for optimal visibility and patient comfort.

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