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  • Heine HSL 150 Handheld Slit Lamp
  • Heine HSL 150 Handheld Slit Lamp

Heine HSL 150 Handheld Slit Lamp

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Product Description

The Heine HSL 150 Handheld Slit Lamp is a compact and lightweight device designed for the examination of the anterior segment in both human and veterinary medicine. It is particularly useful in situations where a full-size slit lamp is not available or convenient.

Key features of the Heine HSL 150 include:

- Adjustable slit size: The slit size can be adjusted from 0.2mm x 10mm to 4mm x 14mm, allowing for precise and versatile examination of the anterior segment.
- 6x magnification: The slit lamp provides a magnification of 6x, enabling detailed observation and analysis of the structures in the anterior segment.
- Blue interference filter: For corneal examination, the device offers a blue interference filter (FITC) that can be selected to enhance visualization.
- Multi-coated optics: The slit lamp is equipped with multi-coated optics, ensuring maximum light transmission and optimal image quality.
- XHL Xenon Halogen Technology: The HSL 150 utilizes either a 2.5V or 3.5V XHL Xenon Halogen bulb, delivering bright and white light that is comparable to the brightness of a classic slit lamp.
- Lightweight design: The instrument head of the HSL 150 weighs just 70g, making it the lightest slit lamp of its kind. This lightweight design enhances portability and ease of use.

The Heine HSL 150 Handheld Slit Lamp provides a convenient and efficient solution for examining the anterior segment in a compact and lightweight package. Its adjustable slit size, magnification, and advanced optics ensure accurate and detailed assessments, while the XHL Xenon Halogen Technology delivers bright illumination for enhanced visualization.

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