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Keeler PSL Classic Handheld Slit Lamp

KE-N-PSL Classic
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Product Description

The Keeler PSL Classic Handheld Slit Lamp offers excellence in optics, versatility, and portability. Designed and manufactured by Keeler, this device is specifically built to withstand the demanding ophthalmic environment, ensuring it is lightweight, durable, and robust. With its unique features, such as fixation targets and a 1mm square light patch for assessing anterior chamber flare, the PSL Classic sets a new standard for portable slit lamps.

Key features of the Keeler PSL Classic Handheld Slit Lamp include:

1. LED Technology: The integration of LED technology provides better resolution, three times longer battery usage, and an illumination module that can last a lifetime. This ensures superior performance and extended battery life.

2. Precision Machined Aluminum Chassis: The slit lamp is crafted with a precision-machined aluminum chassis, guaranteeing durability and stability during use.

3. Advanced Optics: With both 10x and 16x magnification options, the PSL Classic offers advanced optics for detailed examinations and enhanced versatility.

4. Controllable Illumination: The device allows for easy adjustment of the illumination level, offering a range from maximum brightness to zero. This feature provides flexibility and adaptability to different examination scenarios.

5. Big Slit Lamp Features with Portable Usability: Despite its portable design, the PSL Classic incorporates features typically found in larger slit lamps, ensuring functionality and convenience for users.

The Keeler PSL Classic Handheld Slit Lamp delivers exceptional optics, versatility, and portability. Its strength, durability, and innovative features make it an ideal choice for ophthalmic professionals in various clinical settings.

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