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  • Keeler Fison BIO (Indirect) Bulb.

Keeler Fison BIO (Indirect) Tungston Bulb

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Product Description

Experience the brilliance and precision of the Keeler Fison BIO (Indirect) Tungsten Bulb as it illuminates your examination space. This specialized bulb is designed exclusively for the Keeler Fison BIO (Indirect) instrument, ensuring a seamless and immersive examination experience. Feel the warmth and intensity of the tungsten bulb as it casts a radiant glow, bringing clarity and depth to every observation. With its exceptional 6V 18W power, the Keeler Fison BIO (Indirect) Tungsten Bulb provides reliable and consistent illumination, allowing healthcare professionals to perform accurate and detailed examinations. Step into a world of enhanced vision and uncover the subtlest nuances with the Keeler Fison BIO (Indirect) Tungsten Bulb.

Product Features:

- Tungsten Bulb: This specialized bulb utilizes tungsten filament technology, providing a brilliant and precise light source.
- Designed for Keeler Fison BIO (Indirect): The bulb is specifically designed for use with the Keeler Fison BIO (Indirect) instrument, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.
- 6V 18W Power: The bulb operates at 6 volts and has a power rating of 18 watts, delivering reliable and consistent illumination.

Product Benefits:

- Enhanced Illumination: The Keeler Fison BIO (Indirect) Tungsten Bulb offers exceptional illumination, enhancing visibility and enabling healthcare professionals to observe even the finest details.
- Accurate Examinations: With the precise and focused light provided by the bulb, healthcare professionals can perform accurate and detailed examinations, leading to more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.
- Long-Lasting Performance: The tungsten bulb is designed for longevity, ensuring prolonged use and minimizing the need for frequent replacements.

Technical Details:

- Bulb Type: Tungsten Bulb
- Compatibility: Designed for use with the Keeler Fison BIO (Indirect) instrument
- Voltage: 6V
- Power: 18W

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