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  • Keeler All Pupil II Wired Indirect

Keeler All Pupil II Wired Indirect

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KE-N-All Pupil II Wired
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Product Description

Introducing the Keeler All Pupil II Wired Indirect Ophthalmoscope, a remarkable instrument that combines exceptional brightness, comfort, and ease of use for an enhanced examination experience. With outstanding brightness and precise control, this ophthalmoscope ensures optimal illumination even in challenging cases. Its lightweight design and simple controls provide comfort and efficiency, while the built-in IR and UV barrier prioritize patient safety. Experience the All Pupil II's versatility with its wide pupillary distance range and compatibility with various apertures and filters, allowing for customized examinations tailored to specific diagnostic needs.

Product Features:

- Outstanding Brightness: The All Pupil II delivers exceptional brightness with 2000 lux of light, ensuring optimal illumination during examinations. The adjustable illumination allows for precise control in various clinical situations, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.
- Lightweight and Comfortable: Weighing just 520 grams, the All Pupil II is designed for maximum comfort. The headband features extra padding, providing a comfortable fit for both the practitioner and the patient. Its lightweight design enables extended examinations without discomfort or fatigue.
- Simple Controls: The unique single control mechanism of the All Pupil II allows for easy aperture size and position adjustments in one simple movement. This feature enables effortless viewing through all pupil sizes, enhancing efficiency and ease of use during examinations.
- IR and UV Barrier: The built-in full-time IR and UV barrier of the All Pupil II prioritizes patient safety by providing improved protection during examinations. This ensures a safe and secure experience for both practitioners and patients.
- PD Range: The All Pupil II accommodates a wide pupillary distance (PD) range of 47mm to 75mm, allowing for versatile use across various patient populations.
- Apertures and Filters: Compatible with a range of apertures and filters, the All Pupil II allows for customization of examinations to meet specific diagnostic needs, enhancing flexibility and versatility.

Technical Details:

- Device Type: Wired Indirect Ophthalmoscope
- Weight: 520 grams
- Illumination: 2000 lux (adjustable down to 2%)
- PD Range: 47mm to 75mm

Experience the exceptional brightness, comfort, and ease of use offered by the Keeler All Pupil II Wired Indirect Ophthalmoscope. With its advanced features and versatile capabilities, this instrument elevates your clinical practice and ensures optimal patient care.

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