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  • Heine Beta Handle

Heine BETA NT Rechargeable Handle (AV Connector)

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Product Description


The Heine BETA NT Rechargeable Handle offers versatility and convenience with its interchangeable options and rechargeable battery technology. With a compact design and the choice of NiMH or Li-ion rechargeable battery, this handle provides reliable performance for medical professionals.

Product Features:

- Interchangeable Options: The Heine BETA NT Rechargeable Handle is compatible with the Heine Standard (AV) connector. However, if your attachment is the same as a Welch Allyn connection, the TwistLock (TL) connector is required. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of medical instruments and attachments.
- Rechargeable Battery Technology: The handle is available with either a NiMH or Li-ion rechargeable battery. This allows healthcare professionals to choose the battery type that suits their preferences and requirements. The rechargeable battery eliminates the need for frequent battery replacement, providing convenience and cost savings.
- Stand or Well Charger: The Heine Beta handle can be easily recharged by placing it into a stand or well charger. This charging method ensures a reliable and efficient recharge process, ensuring that the handle is always ready for use.

Product Benefits:

- Convenience and Compatibility: The Heine BETA NT Rechargeable Handle offers convenience and compatibility with its interchangeable options. It allows medical professionals to use a variety of attachments and instruments, making it a versatile tool for various medical procedures.
- Cost Savings: The rechargeable battery technology eliminates the need for disposable batteries, reducing ongoing expenses. This cost-saving feature makes the handle a practical choice for healthcare facilities.
- Reliable Performance: The NiMH or Li-ion rechargeable battery ensures consistent and reliable performance, providing sufficient power for extended use. Healthcare professionals can rely on the handle to deliver optimal illumination and functionality.

Technical Details:

- Dimensions: 145mm x 30mm (length x diameter)
- Compatible with Heine Standard (AV) connector
- Interchangeable with TwistLock (TL) connector for Welch Allyn connection compatibility
- Available with NiMH or Li-ion rechargeable battery options
- Rechargeable by sitting into a stand or well charger

The Heine BETA NT Rechargeable Handle offers flexibility, compatibility, and reliable performance for medical professionals. With its interchangeable options, rechargeable battery technology, and convenient charging methods, this handle is designed to enhance workflow efficiency and provide optimal illumination during medical examinations and procedures. Experience the convenience and reliability of the Heine BETA NT Rechargeable Handle for seamless and efficient medical practice.

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