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Heine Beta 200 LED Ophthalmoscope (AV Connector)

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Product Description

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Experience the Heine Beta 200 LED Ophthalmoscope with AV Connector, an advanced and durable instrument that revolutionizes ophthalmic examinations. With its innovative features and user-friendly design, this ophthalmoscope provides precise diagnostics while ensuring a comfortable experience for both practitioners and patients. The Heine Beta 200 LED Ophthalmoscope with AV Connector is a state-of-the-art instrument that combines exceptional performance, durability, and user comfort. With its advanced features and precision diagnostics, it is an invaluable tool for ophthalmic professionals, delivering accurate assessments and enhancing patient care.

Product Features:

- Dustproof Protection: The exclusive dustproof design keeps the ophthalmoscope components safe, ensuring maintenance-free operation and prolonging the instrument's lifespan.
- Aluminum Frame System: The robust cast aluminum frame of the Beta 200 LED Ophthalmoscope enhances its durability and shock resistance, setting it apart from other brands.
- Continuous Brightness Control: The patent-pending continuous brightness control allows seamless adjustment from 100% down to 3%, providing optimal illumination for various examination requirements.
- User-Friendly Operation: With its one-finger operation, the ophthalmoscope offers effortless control, enabling precise one-hand adjustments during examinations.
- Zero Stray Light: The ophthalmoscope minimizes stray light, providing a clear view of the patient's eyes and enhancing the accuracy of the examination.
- Versatile Examination: The broad range of 27 lenses, spanning from -35D to +40D, makes the Beta 200 LED Ophthalmoscope suitable for examining patients with different refractive conditions and pupil sizes, including undilated pupils.
- Ergonomic Design: The ophthalmoscope's ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit in the orbita, allowing prolonged use without discomfort. It effectively blocks out ambient light, enhancing visibility and assessment accuracy.

Product Benefits:

- Exceptional Performance: The Beta 200 LED Ophthalmoscope delivers exceptional performance, ensuring precise and reliable diagnostics in ophthalmic examinations.
- Durability and Reliability: With its dustproof protection and robust aluminum frame system, the ophthalmoscope is designed to withstand the rigors of clinical use, offering long-lasting durability and reliability.
- Comfortable User Experience: The ergonomic design and one-finger operation of the instrument make examinations more comfortable and efficient for practitioners, enhancing patient care.

Technical Details:

- Handle Style: AV Connector (not compatible with Twistlock style)
- Lenses: 27 lenses ranging from -35D to +40D

Please note that the Beta NT handle is not included with the ophthalmoscope, and an AV Connector is required for its use.

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